Test – Nacon Revolution Unlimited: The perfect controller for eSports

by Kelvin
Test - Nacon Revolution Unlimited: The perfect controller for eSports

Last year we presented two models of the Nacon brand: the Pro Revolution 2 and the Illuminated compact. The brand is still very present in the world eSport, she has been proposing for a few months the Revolution Unlimited.

Nacon Vs Sony

Nacon Revolution Unlimited thought for eSport

Nacon is a relatively recent brand, it has been present on the gaming market since 2014. But that did not stop it from learning very quickly. The former flagship of the brand, the Pro Revolution 2, although it is a very good controller, was not without any reproach. Nacon has taken user feedback into consideration to deliver Revolution Unlimited to the pinnacle of gaming and eSports. We will come back to it a little later.

E-SportsNacon Vs Sony: Round 2

The high end according to Nacon

At the opening of the box, we realize that the brand does not joke. The content and the finish are present.

Test - Nacon Revolution Unlimited: The perfect controller for eSports 1

The joypad comes with a storage case containing:
– Cleaning cloth
– Box containing different weights and accessories
– Bluetooth Dongle
– Braided cable of 3 meters to play in wired mode or simply reload the joystick

Test - Nacon Revolution Unlimited: The perfect controller for eSports 2

Optimal customization

With all the accessories available in the box, all gamers, even the most advanced, will manage to "calibrate" the controller as they wish. Weights, rings and discs. In short all that is needed to adjust the sticks, either in amplitude or "touch" (concave or convex).


As mentioned above, the brand has made the controller evolve compared to the older generation. Changing the ballast is simpler, finished the key to open, a simple unclipping is enough now. At choice, you can put weights of 10, 14 and 16 grams.
But it's not just the hardware setup that can be done, you can fine-tune different profiles. Thus, you are free to switch to one of the four profiles to best suit the game. During the test, we created an FPS profile and an auto simulation profile.

To adjust the "dead" zones of the triggers or to adjust the intensity of the vibrations of the joystick, you will have to download the software Revolution Unlimited Software for MAC / PC. It is also possible to customize the lighting system. But this remains only in the field of aesthetics. Note that depending on the chosen mode PS4, PS4 and PC personalized, the ring around the right pad changes color. Thus, you instantly identify the selected mode.

The ultimate controller?

Nacon has combined the best of what is done in terms of console controller at the moment. By mixing the Sony controller with that of Microsoft, we come to a masterpiece of ergonomics. Clearly Revolution Unlimited draws inspiration from Microsoft's Elite Controller. But she does not deny the origins of Sony. Asymmetrical pads are, according to your modest servant, the best configuration for any player.


The materials of manufacture are of very good quality. The controller is ultra ergonomic and looks solid. Despite several hours of play in a row, no fatigue or pain was felt. Another positive point compared to the previous generation, the Nacon controller is now usable in Bluetooth. But be careful, it does not use the protocol of the console, you must use the dongle provided in the box. The latter works on both PS4 and PC. Note that the latter is foldable to prevent it from being damaged when someone passes nearby.

PS4 or PC, same fight with Nacon

As you can see, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited is like its big sister usable on PC and Playstation 4. For that nothing more simple, it is Plug and Play. The controller is immediately recognized by Windows. Tested on different games, the controller was supported without any worries. On PC, we could test it on Cuphead, Doom or Sonic. On PS4, we tried WRC7, Street Fighter V or Battlefront.

Test - Nacon Revolution Unlimited: The perfect controller for eSports 3

At the top to play?

Clearly at 1000% yes, the older generation was setting the bar high. This version further enhances the gaming experience. Comfort is present. The precision is bluffing, the buttons of shortcuts very practical and one swap very easily from one profile to another. Regarding profiles, the community of players provides profiles "ready to use" downloadable on the site of Nacon. They are often dedicated to a particular game. Do not hesitate to go see.


Another very positive point, autonomy! The original PS4 controller is fishing a bit at this level. Nacon once more comes out easily. During our tests, the autonomy was between 3 and 4 times longer than that of the dualshock. On the other hand a pity that the adopted standard is the USB-C instead of the micro USB as standard on the PS4.


It will use a cable of 3 meters to reload the controller at the end of the game sessions. We quibble a little, but we must find a fault. This is ridiculous because many of us have a USB-C charger for our smartphone. With a shorter cable. And note that Nacon offers us a cable with a velcro so nothing insurmountable.



This Nacon Revolution Unlimited is really cut for E-sport. Everything is thought out so that the player can best express his potential. The precision of the controller is a real plus for demanding games. We highly recommend it. She is available on Amazon at the price of 150 €.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited

150 €


Good points

  • Quality
  • Autonomy
  • Fully parameterizable
  • Ergonomics

Negative points

  • Software solution a little heavy

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