Test – Pawarumi: the shoot made in France on Nintendo Switch

by Kelvin

Shoot'Em Up fans will be delighted. Manufacture 43 a Bordeaux studio just released Pawarumi. The game is recently available on the E-Shop of the Nintendo Switch.

Pawarumi, a good vintage on the Switch ?

Before going into the details of the game, it must be located. This is a shoot'em up in a futuristic universe. Finally not quite, because this game is inspired by ancient South American civilizations. The player embodies a character called Axo who visibly rebels and goes to war against despots in his world. Aboard Chukaru his ultra powerful ship he wants to eradicate evil.


Trinity far from neo?

Even if the ship is overpowered, the enemies themselves are powerful and especially numerous. There is much to do to survive and progress. The device has three different weapons:

  • Snake (green): It launches several projectiles at the same time in a rather diffuse way in order to reach a maximum of opponents.
  • Condor (blue): It sends a powerful concentrated laser beam.
  • Jaguar (red): She launches homing missiles, but only in a scan area in front of the ship.

Pawarumi is based on an interesting gameplay mechanics Trinity. As the name suggests trinity says three, that's good, there are three weapons. The different enemies also have one of the hero's three weapons. And depending on the weapon selected by the player the effects differ. The oldest of you will remember Ikaruga on Dreamcast who had a concept of the same type. Here are the different combinations:

  • Crush (Red> Blue> Green> Red): doubles the damage done to enemies.
  • Boost (Shooting on the same color): regenerates its shield, but the affected enemies become more dangerous.
  • Drain (Red> Green> Blue> Red): allows to fill the gauge of the special attack.
Special attack

A game at the CAVE

You have to adapt quickly and vary the use of your weapons. The different shots are linked to a different button. So the player to attack swapper in a simple and fast way. Depending on the situation, I have adapted his strategy. During our first game sessions, we focus on safety by promoting the shield. We quickly realized that it was not wise. And over the experience, we have taken the measure of the gameplay.

Three difficulty modes are available: easy, normal and difficult. Even though the base of the levels is similar depending on the difficulty different events are triggered making the action even more complicated. You will not see an image with tons of meatballs. Because it was impossible to press the screenshot button so the screen was loaded. The game requires perseverance and excellent reflexes. At the time of writing, we have not managed to finish the difficult mode. But in all modesty, we hung an honorable 16th place "world" in scoring in the difficult mode.

switchStrength and honor ……. or not

Pawarumi the reference shoot on Switch ?

The Bordeaux team has managed a coup de maître for their first game. Pawarumi is a quality game. The graphics are superb, the environments are very colorful and varied. The animation does not suffer from any fault either in nomadic mode or on the TV.

The soundtrack is also very well made. The music sticks perfectly to the different levels. The sound quality is also at the rendezvous. The gameplay is small onions, the ship reacts to the slightest solicitation of the player. This is also essential in this type of game.
The only fault that we could blame the game is that there is not a large number of levels. But given the level of difficulty, rest assured he will keep you in suspense.

To conclude, we highly recommend this game. The shoot'em up lovers will not regret their purchase and then it's a Made in France game. The game is available on the E-Shop Nintendo Switch right here at the price of € 19.99.

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