That thinks that AppleBoss really about Samsung

by Kelvin
That thinks that AppleBoss really about Samsung

What does he think? AppleBoss Tim Cook really about Samsung? At a dinner with US President Donald Trump, the CEO of Apple made an interesting statement that can be understood as a compliment to Samsung – but there is more behind it.

AppleCEO: Samsung is a very good competitor

In the coming weeks, the US government will impose punitive tariffs on products originating or manufactured in China and imported into the United States. There Apple its products are made almost exclusively in China, the punitive tariffs, which are actually directed against China, one of the most valuable US companies, namely Apple, Not only that Apple directly hit by the punitive tariffs and customers in the US for AppleProducts will soon have to pay more, the competition is even strengthened by this action. When asked about how good the competition in the form of Samsung really is, Cook said that Samsung is a very good competitor. A big compliment – but also a little self-protection.


Samsung will not be affected by the punitive tariffs imposed on China because the products are manufactured in South Korea or Vietnam. Tim Cook sees this as a competitive advantage Apple and wants to persuade Donald Trump to rethink the punitive tariffs on products from China. He said that he was aware of the concerns of Apple- take CEO seriously and think about it – whatever that means.

It does not always have to be the latest generation:

Punitive Duty: Soon it will be serious for Apple

From September 1, 2019 must Apple for example for the Apple Watch and AirPods pay an additional 10 percent import duty as the products are manufactured in China. The iPhone, iPad and MacBook are affected later. From 15 December 2019 there will be additional import duties.

In the long term, however, the behavior of US President Donald Trump could hit China. Apple is already planning to relocate the production of its own products. But not in the USA. Apple should nevertheless make "high investments" – said Trump. Concrete details were not mentioned.

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