That's how the line between games and movies is blurring – Erica on PlayStation 4 is a great interactive horror movie

by Kelvin
erica game playlink playstation 4

Sony blurs the line between video games and movies. Erica is another interactive movie using PlayLink technology. Players helping the title heroine to solve the mystery of a mysterious murder – exceptionally not using the pad, but using a smartphone.

Fans of horror movies and thrillers can't complain. This 2 based on King's prose breaks records in cinemas, and in the world of video games also a lot is happening. Supermassive Games responsible for the phenomenal Until Dawn has just released the first part of The Dark Pictures anthology called Man of Medan, and the British studio Flavourworks has prepared a new psychological thriller. I waited quite a long time for him, and I played the first demo over two years ago.


Erica blurs the lines between film and game

During the game, it is often impossible to assess whether we are currently seeing material recorded by a camera in the real world, or maybe photorealistic computer graphics. The fun consists in watching subsequent scenes and making pregnant choices during short interactive segments.

In this respect, Erica is somewhat reminiscent of books-paragraph books and titles such as Telltale games, the abovementioned Until Dawn, Detroit: Become Human or Hidden Agenda (which in Poland was distributed as the Hidden Plan). The last of these games also uses PlayLink technology, thanks to which it rains replaces the smartphone.

All you need is an application that connects to the console automatically within the same home network.

However, Erica differs from the Hidden Plan by the fact that, like the Hidden Agent, it allowed several people to have fun at the same time – each player controlled from their smartphone – so Flavourworks was intended for one player. Gameplay elements have been reduced to a minimum here.

The lion's share of player activity is to slide your finger on the smartphone screen and select a specific dialogue line – you only have a few seconds to do so. There are, however, other actions to be performed: an appropriate swipe to light a lighter, wiping water vapor from a mirror, etc.

People without access to the router can connect both devices directly with each other.

In turn, players who do not spin such solutions can choose the game using the pad. Erica unfortunately loses some of her uniqueness. Fortunately, the smartphone version takes up less than 100 MB. It is available in the App Store and Google Play and I strongly recommend downloading it.

erica game playlink playstation 4

The only other thing to do before the game is to disable automatic sleep. During the game, a message appeared to me that as a result of inactivity the console would go into sleep mode – I was using a smartphone and the pad was lying next to it. Fortunately, it didn't spoil the fun.

Such details do not pay attention, because the plot in Erice draws and brings to mind a typical chamber B class thriller.

We get to know the world from the perspective of the main heroine, whose parents ran a factory for mentally ill people and died in unexplained circumstances. The right action begins when a woman finds a gruesome package under the door.

There aren't many locations here – neither are the side characters. Film sets are mainly small, claustrophobic rooms. In addition, we often jump a bit too quickly between the scenes, and the linear narration is interrupted by flashbacks and – paranormal or resulting from the disease – visions of the heroine.

erica game playlink playstation 4

The game has many endings and leads to them through different paths. I'm not overly satisfied with the one I clicked, that's why Erica stayed with me and I plan to look at this story again. However, I hope that there will be some major update by then.

Erice, however, lacked the last touches.

The aforementioned problem with the message about the planned transition to sleep mode is not the only caveat I have for programmers. The game once completely crashed, and during the game I lacked vibration in the smartphone – feedback that I made the gesture well would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, sometimes it was not obvious what finger movement I should make. Just like in Detroit: Become Human, so here the action often stood still until I discovered what exactly the game would like me to do. Such control problems were a bit out of the beat.

erica game playlink playstation 4

However, they are by no means disqualifying defects.

One pass the game takes about the same as watching the average length of horror – or about 2 hours. Despite this, it weighs up to 40 GB – probably because of the huge amount of film material. I am convinced that many people will download this production longer than play it.

Despite this, I recommend that you read this title to all fans of stories with a thrill. Erica is short, but encourages you to restart it and make completely different choices. And let's remember that the game costs only 39 PLN – which is not much more than a cinema ticket.