That's what the smartphones have in common

by Kelvin
That's what the smartphones have in common

With the iPhone 11 is Apple try again in a few weeks to outperform the competition – especially the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. But in one point that will probably not succeed.

iPhone 11 and Galaxy Note 10 allegedly with the same display material

From South Korea comes a report that reveals a first detail about the iPhone 11: Allegedly Apple in the display of the next generation iPhone to the same material as Samsung at Galaxy Note 10 (via 9to5Mac). The iPhone XS (Plus) should be Apple on the other hand have opted for a special composition of materials that can not be found in any other smartphone manufacturer. What's behind Apple's change of mind is unclear. The portal 9to5Mac has an interesting suspicion.


Frank from GIGA shows you the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

iPhone 11: New display, less risk?

The reason for the conversion of the display material could obviously be to bad iPhone sales, says 9to5Mac: Because Apple Samsung bought fewer displays than originally agreed, the US company allegedly fines of around $ 600 million. By using a more common material can Apple prevent similar sanctions in the future. However, nothing is confirmed.

The successor to iPhone XS (Plus) and iPhone XR is likely Apple as in previous years in early September imagine. Obviously, customers do not have to face major delays in delivery.

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