The flagship of 2016 of the Samsung brand is receiving a security update but not what everyone expects: to officially have Android 9 Pie. Samsung Galaxy S7 was updated to Android 8 Oreo to end its career in the market. However, if you dare to make the leap and grant root permissions to your mobile, you have at your disposal a series of ROMs to get, unofficially, Android 9 Pie on your mobile.


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We collect, in one place, some ROMs with Android 9 Pie that you can install both on the Samsung Galaxy S7 as in his older brother, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge We will not go into details of how to install them or how to obtain root privileges although you can try your luck with some of these applications.

ROM for Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 9 Pie

Evolution X

This ROM promises an Android Pie interface but with touches, attention, of Android 10. We can find, among its functionalities, the configuration of the status bar clock and the battery icon, one-handed use mode, navigation gestures , maximum quick setting settings, lower bar to adjust brightness, fourteen different styles for the watch on lock screen, music player in Ambient Display, start menu settings, battery saving settings … and much more.

The 10 best Android 9 Pie ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge 8

Download | Evolution X


ROM based on AOSP (pure Android) inspired by the Google Pixel ROM. It consists of an interface Material Desing 2 compatible with Substratum modules and numerous other functions such as support for updates via OTA, themes, font manager, ambient display, navigation bar and system gestures, double Touchez to lock, battery saving and night brightness settings and many more.


Download | Havoc-OS

Pixel Experience

Like the previous one, AOSP ROM (pure Android) with pre-installed Google applications, offering a user experience traced to Pixel terminals (including the launcher, wallpapers, application icons, text fonts and boot animations. Everything is functional in this ROM: WiFi, LTE, Bluetooth, GPS and fingerprint, among others, the only thing you will have difficulties with is when using 4G for mobile calls, such as WhatsApp calls, for example, you can continue to do so while connected to the WiFi.

The 10 best Android 9 Pie ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge 9Download | Pixel Experience


LineageOS 16.0 version based on Android 9 Pie for Samsung Galaxy S7 Everything is perfectly functional in this ROM with which you will have a faster and polished experience. You will have to download the applications from Google and flash them using recovery. This version of the ROM contains the July security updates as well as improvements in the fluidity of the user interface.

The 10 best Android 9 Pie ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge 10Download | LineageOS

Resurrection Remix P

Based on LineageOS, SlimRoms, Omni and the original REMIX ROMs, it creates a perfect combination of performance, customization and the latest functionalities, in the chef's words. Do not forget to download the Gapps (Google Apps) to flash them next to the ROM through the custom TWRP (the one recommended for installation). The first reboot can last up to 10 minutes so be patient and remember not to restart the terminal while it is starting.

Download | Resurrection Remix P


COSP corresponds to the acronym of Clean Open Source Project so we can expect a functional, minimalist and refined ROM of superfluous ornaments. The cook ensures that the user who installs it will get an experience similar to that obtained with the use of the Pixel, without spyware that monitors the user and using the least possible storage space in their installation. They focus on system performance and stability, offering a ROM devoid of unnecessary applications. They even give the opportunity to those who install it to choose between two app stores: the traditional Play Store or the alternate life of F-Droid.

The 10 best Android 9 Pie ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge 11ROM for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Android 9


The 10 best Android 9 Pie ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge 12ROM developed by a Brazilian team whose main objectives, in its own words, is that of ‘bring stability and useful functionss to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, without unnecessary applications preinstalled. Among other functions, we will have customized themes, advanced start menu, LED color settings for notifications, status bar clock settings and much more.

Download | Viperos


A new ROM for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that offers a optimized user interface and clean, with the corresponding updated security patches and any hint of bloatware removed. The stability of the launcher has been improved in this latest version and you can see how it looks through the screenshots shown below.

The 10 best Android 9 Pie ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge 13Download | Hyper-ROM

Black diamond

This ROM offers a reliable Samsung user experience, with own brand interface and with the latest version of Android 9 Pie. If you want your Samsung mobile to still have the appearance of a brand mobile with One UI installed, this is your ROM.

black diamond

Download | Black diamond


As the name implies, the AospExtended ROM is based on pure Android, but without forgetting the numerous configuration and customization section that enrich the experience. If you like mess with ROMs This may become your favorite. Supports themes compatible with Substratum, expanded desktop function, volume increase in ringtone, notification counter, power menu settings, icon for automatic brightness, night mode … that does not include Gapps (zip package that includes the Google applications) so you will have to download them separately and flash them through TWRP. The only thing that does not work on this ROM are VoLTE calls, that is, what you do, for example, through WhatsApp using your rate data.

The 10 best Android 9 Pie ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge 14Other news about … Samsung Galaxy