Those used to working with audiovisual content, in general, know how useful and necessary it is to have on hand a good library of themes that help to enhance your videos. And if it's free, much better.


The vast majority of these free-use audio files Creative Commons license, although they can also be in the public domain. That is, those works that are no longer under copyright after 70 years have passed since the creator's death.

On the internet there are many websites that offer music to download for free. Of course, not all are worth it, nor are they equally complete. That is why we have selected the best downloadable music websites, as well as sound banks with countless tracks, for your video work. And best of all, is that you won't have to spend a penny.

Below, we present our list with the 10 best websites to download music without copyright.



We start with Jamendo, a music bank to which they belong numerous artists in the form of a Creative Commons license, which offers free licenses that allow non-profit artists to protect their rights while spreading their works.

The interface and design of this website are super intuitive, organizing music by categories, instruments, type of project or even moods. A regular in any ranking about this type of services.

The 10 best copyrighted music pages 1


Soundcloud is one of the biggest music pages in the world, where artists share their works with other users reaching a great diffusion. Many big names of current music owe their success to this platform, and if not they tell Bad Bunny.

The songs uploaded to this streaming platform are under Creative Commons license to download them without any problem with just press the download button just below the track. However, some of them require that you like the page of Facebook of the artist before getting the hint.

The 10 best copyrighted music pages 2Audiomack

A good alternative to Soundcloud. This emerging platform is a meeting point for musicians of all kinds who wish to discover new references. Its interface is very well structured. with themes organized by trends that will help us navigate more easily and intuitively.

However, not all the songs that we will find in Audiomack are free. However, many emerging artists offer their themes and music in remix format for free download.


Free Music Archive

A huge compendium of song archives licensed under Creative Commons and directed by the WFMU, a reputed free radio station in the United States. Meticulously categorized by genres, we can download countless songs for free without opening a user account, which is appreciated. We can also explore the music we like best by genres, artists or the best available lists.

Also, in the Free Music Archive community, Any user can contribute by contributing their own song list from your personal favorites or other music to which you have access.

The 10 best copyrighted music pages 3Sound Bank of the Ministry of Education

With the ministry we have encountered. This huge sound effects bank offered by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training is, for many creators, one of your favorite pages when looking for effects.

There is a wide variety of sound sources with an intuitive user interface that shows us the content easily and bluntly. As if that were not enough, in addition, It has other resources such as photographs or animations, in case you have to use this type of content.

sound effects

Sound Effects for Free

A sound effects bank without limitations. Sound Effects for Free allows you to download songs in different formats such as MP3 or WAV.

Again we are facing a collaborative platform, where you not only find thousands of effects for your personal or professional use, but you can contribute with your own creations. In this way, you will help the community to grow.

The 10 best copyrighted music pages 4TonoPro

TonoPro is a national online music catalog that has been running since 1999, pioneer in the sale of online music in Spain.

It has a series of navigation resources that we they will help refine our search to absurd levels. In fact, it is the most pro that you will find on this list. Through a series of slides, fader and buttons that mimic the configuration of a mixer, we can navigate through its extensive catalog until we find the desired song for our project.

The 10 best copyrighted music pages 5Youtube Audio Library

If your intention is to edit video to upload to your YouTube channel, you are in luck. The main online video website offers content creators of its platform a whole extensive list of songs and sound effects so they don't have to resort to external websites. In the end, everything is at home.

The catalog that we will find in Youtube Audio Library includes a myriad of songs that we can select by genre, instrument, duration or also the mood. Then, once the track is selected, we can include it in our videos easily and conveniently. It's the good thing about having a dedicated tool.



ElongSound is a free sound bank quite powerful which combines a good interface design, quite intuitive, in addition to a library of high-quality effects that will brighten our audiovisual projects.

To find and download sound effects, you just have to use the keyword search engine or do a category search. Once you have found the audio you want, you can download it in .WAV or .MP3 format no need to open an account on the page.

With this selection, you already have a good amount of resources to start adding music to your videos without fear that they can denounce or Delete your Internet content.

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