The 100 7×16: See how the end of The 100 went and Clarke’s fate (RECAP)

by Kelvin
The 100 7x16: See how the end of The 100 went and Clarke's fate (RECAP)

Image: (The CW/Reproduction)

After 100 episodes in 7 seasons, we’ve reached the end of Clarke’s journey. The last chapter of The 100 brought a war and a chance of redemption for all mankind. Some died, some lived and some transcended.

Check out the recap of the finale series of The 100, “The Last War”.


The beginning of the test

Raven, Murphy, Jackson and Emori return to Sanctum. Emori manages to be stabilized and Raven advances alone to the Bard. Clarke, Octavia and Levitt follow behind Cadogan and see the final test begin.

The judge asks Cadogan some questions and demands that he answer truthfully. If the answers agree, they will transcend; otherwise, they will be turned into crystal. Cadogan begins the challenge, but soon after falls when hit in the head by Clarke’s shot.

Clarke fails

The judge takes the form of Lexa so Clarke can continue the test, but she doesn’t do well and attacks the judge. Octavia questions Levitt if Bellamy could transcend and he says no: “Death is the end, my friend.” Octavia cries.

On Earth, Miller, Hope, Indra and Gaia are still in the rubble. The Anomaly opens transporting Raven and the rest of Eligius’ prisoners, who free Echo and Niylah.

Raven and Echo arrive at the Bardo and head to where the armies are stationed to avoid the fight.

At the Sanctum, Emori dies on the operating table. Murphy and Jackson rip the mental impulse from Emori and insert it into Murphy. She wakes up in her mental space next to Murphy and the two have one last dance.

A new chance

Clarke finds Raven and reveals that he failed the test. Clarke runs to Madi. As Raven watches, the glowing sphere turns red. The judge takes the form of Abby, his mother figure.

Raven pleads with the judge to save humanity. They are transported to the fight between Indra and the Disciples. Sheidheda shoots and causes war. Raven and the referee watch the fight.

Octavia goes into the middle of the battle, reaches the disciples and argues about the need to stop the battle to save humanity, so the conflict ends.

the transcendence

One by one, everyone transcends but Clarke. She is left alone and meets Picasso, the Primes’ dog.

Clarke and Picasso arrive at a beach on Earth and meet the judge in the form of Lexa, who explains that transcendence is a choice. Madi has transcended and is fine, but some chose to stay: Raven, Murphy, Emori, Octavia, Levitt, Jackson, Miller, Niylah, Echo, Indra, Gaia, Hope and Jordan. Lexa leaves, leaving the 14 friends to spend the rest of their lives on Earth.

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