The 100 Season 7: Anomaly Revealed in Episode 7×02 (RECAP)

by Kelvin
The 100 Season 7: Anomaly Revealed in Episode 7x02 (RECAP)

Aired last Wednesday (27), episode 2 of season 7 of The 100 shed some light on this season’s big mystery and even gave some clues to Bellamy’s whereabouts. The story of chapter 7×02 is told showing past and present, as Octavia and Echo try to reach Bellamy while remaining in Skyring. See the recap of The 100!

At the beginning of the episode, Octavia passes through the Sanctum’s green anomaly and enters a giant lake. She swims and, pushing the water away, arrives at a place similar to Vancouver, except for the gigantic ring that crosses the sky. Everything is calm until she hears a woman crying.

Following the laments, Octavia finds Diyoza in labor. Although the former leader of the Eligius prisoners has just entered the anomaly, she has been awaiting O’s arrival for three months. As we already knew, Hope was born safely, and Diyoza plans to raise her in a world where she thinks there are no threats.


As Hope grows up, “Aunt O” tries to swim back to the anomaly, but Diyoza doesn’t want her to leave. Octavia digs up one of the men from the future to retrieve his suits, but Diyoza destroys the helmet so that O is forced to stay.

In an emotional way, Octavia tells Diyoza that she has to go back to Bellamy to say that she totally understands what he did. With no chance of being able to breathe underwater and return, she writes a letter confessing her love, places it in a bottle along with some rocks, and throws it in the water in hopes that it will resurface in the Sanctuem through the anomaly.

This doesn’t work, but it catches the eye of some men dressed in the same clothes as the dead man in the garden. Diyoza goes to check while Octavia hides Hope. But both end up captured and taken back to the anomaly, where they possibly remain.

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The second part of the new episode of the 7th season of The 100 (The 100 season 7)

These days, Echo’s team arrives on the same planet and in the same cabin where Hope was created. Except that O and Diyoza have been captured by some kind of warrior leader from a cult called “Bard” who is sending unfaithful followers to Three Rings to recondition them.

Gabriel makes an important discovery: they are not actually on an unknown planet, but on Beta, one of the worlds that Eligius III has already explored. They find the body of a dead scientist and use his mind to search for a code that will reopen the anomaly, but one of the “reconditioned” ones arrives and destroys the data block.

This twist has a big impact on Hope, who cries and is comforted by Echo. Hope can remember Octavia saying that Echo stabbed her and threw her off a cliff. She says to the warrior, “you must think I’m too weak”, but Echo says no, as she was trained by Diyoza and Octavia.

But this is not true: Hope was not trained by the two (who dedicated themselves to a life of peace), but by other people on the planet who taught her their combat techniques. Anyway, she is really a skilled fighter. Then the two embrace.

Text written by Jorge Marin via Nexperts.