The 125 mph kamikaze “bomber” plane that plagued the arrival of the army, warned …


NADAR "suicide drones" could soon become a regular feature on the battlefield, according to a military expert.

Flying devices can be made to carry explosives and float for hours before attacking your targets.

        Military drones are much larger and more complex than consumer drones.


Military drones are much larger and more complex than consumer drones. Credit: Getty – Contributor

According to ABC, Malcolm Davis of the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy warned the Australian Defense Force (ADF) that he needs to be prepared for this "killer drone."

He said: “If the ADF is deployed operationally, they must expect attacks from multitudes of drone mobs that can operate independently and coordinate.

"They have their program before launch, then they fly towards the target and then coordinate with each other in a flock to attack the target."

"Attacking like a swarm of bees, except that each bee has a high explosive charge."

        The so-called 'suicide drone' has been used in battles


So-called 'suicide drones' are already being used in battle. Credit: AP: Associated Press

        Drones can't be detected on radar if they move fast


Drones can't be detected on radar if they move quickly Credits: ABC

Davis noted that thousands of drones simultaneously would be very difficult to stop.

Especially if they control themselves after being programmed and if they travel at high speed, they might even be difficult to detect on radar.

These comments came when Iran was accused of preparing to launch a squadron of military aircraft.

Israel was blamed this weekend for a drone explosion in Lebanon.

Previous reports also indicated that the Islamic State attached explosives to drones that were not available.

Is that a killer drone?

This is what you need to know …

  • Military drones are free pilot planes and have been used on the battlefield for decades.
  • Killer drones are also known as suicide drones because they combine the capabilities of bombs and planes when they explode.
  • They are said to be able to hover in the sky for hours before diving into a target
  • Reports claim that drones can travel 200 kilometers per hour

Taranis is a drone unmanned aerial combat vehicle with stealth capabilities

In other news, Russia is building "ground troops" for killer robots, including a bunch of deadly cat-sized bomber drones.

This sci-fi electric sky cabin promises a 70mph jump across the city, as revealed by luxury marinas.

And this terrifying "flying grenade" can kill an enemy six miles away.

What do you think about drones? Let us know in the comments …

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