The beginnings to invest in stock market are not easy, unless you have a specific degree or training in the matter it is very common that you feel lost. The terms used in professional platforms and how difficult it is predict the markets At present it has made many people feel lost when it comes to investing in the stock market. Despite this, there are many people who want to do it and thanks to the following applications we can improve a lot in this aspect.


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Next we would like to show you what are the 5 applications for Android and iPhone that you need if you want to invest in the stock market. We will try to give you a balanced list of investment platforms, help applications and others that will help you study the markets. Stay tuned because it is important that you have all or most of them.

Plus500, the best simulator you can find for beginners


If you are interested in enter the stock market Plus500 is one of those applications with which you can do it easily and without much complication. The application is available for Android and iPhone and not only allows you to invest in the stock market but also provides you with a simulator with which you can experiment with real data on how your investments in the stock market would be.

It is true that investing without risking money leads you to use less rational or riskier decisions but it helps you to measure your real performance if you take it seriously. Plus500 not only works with values, it also allows trade currencies and even buy raw materials. Another of its capabilities is that it even has a price alerts service, great to know when a value is in the amount that interests us to buy or sell.

Download Plus 500 for Android / for iPhone

Infobolsa, an app with a lot of information


The second app that we are going to recommend is designed for people with more career in the world of the stock market, experts They need all the necessary information about world references, securities, currencies, interest rates and risk premiums. It is the app that every investor with solera should use to know the data of their investments. It is a recommended app for people who invest in the long term and even integrate a complete stock market simulator. The application is also available for Android and iPhone.

The application has different subscriptions that allow you to eliminate advertising, obtain real-time data and other options that are very interesting for advanced investors. People who invest in the stock market professionally tend to resort to these services in order to obtain real-time data reliably and with minimal guarantees.

Download Infobolsa for Android / for iPhone

Bloomberg, a site where information is your ally


Many will know the Bloomberg portal for their news but this is one of the references in the world of the stock market. In Bloomberg you can get current information to make better decisions when investing. In addition, it is available as an application for Android and iPhone.

Another advantage of Bloomberg is that it has real-time value tracking, with very complete graphics and a lot of data about the companies in which we are going to invest. If you are an expert investor you can become part of Bloomberg Anywhere. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the product information is in English but it is a language we need a minimum of knowledge if we want to invest in bags other than IBEX35.

Download Bloomberg for Android / for iPhone

Yahoo! Finance, the most complete in Spanish

Yahoo Finance

Already in Spanish, and with a lot of information Bloomberg style is Yahoo! Finance. Although Yahoo! As a search engine, you just have no pull, in its stock market section it is one of the most used applications in Spanish Language for information on stock market and investment possibilities. In Yahoo! Finance not only can we obtain real-time graphics and track different companies but also has the most complete and configurable graphics of all.

Yahoo! Finance stands out for the way it shows the information, exactly and with great quality. Another advantage of the application itself is that it not only shows information about the different stock markets but can also inform you about raw materials, currencies, bonds, stocks and all kinds of markets worldwide. It is very easy to follow coins like Bitcoin from the app. Its interface is the one we like most of all the apps we find in this list, although it will not be the only one we should use if we want to be good investors.

Download Yahoo! Finance for Android / for iPhone

StockTwits, a necessary discussion forum


StockTwits is an application that allows interact with other traders and investors, which can help us assess the risk of certain investments much better or where to direct our money. It has private and general chats that allow us to obtain different information or points of view although, obviously, generally in English.

The application not only allows you to chat and find the opinions of many observers, it also allows us view trends globally, find automatic stock lists and more. It even has a special section for cryptocurrencies where we can follow many brokerage accounts. It is a somewhat "advanced" application when investing in the stock market but if you are not started or if you master the English language it could be really useful.

Download StockTwits for Android / for iPhone

Finally, you just need to add the application you are going to use to invest in the stock market. There are many in the market that work well such as eToro, Degiro, Markets, etc. They don't have too abusive commissions. It will be you who chooses your preferred trading platform and combine it with the information offered by the ones mentioned here to invest in the stock market reliably.

And we remember, from here, that investing in the stock market is something that should be well considered. Like any investment, it carries a significant risk due to market volatility. We recommend not investing more money in the stock market than one can afford to lose. All these applications are useful for obtaining information but if you are going to invest large amounts of money we recommend train well in this field or hire prestigious brokers that can meet your needs as an investor.

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