The mid-range of which many speak for its value for money. This is still hot in the Xiaomi Mi 9T oven, which we gave a good account in a review, and that is yet to come, with nothing left, Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, which offers a better processor and a significant increase in the voltage of fast charging If the Xiaomi brand is characterized by something, it is because of the great community behind it that it is committed to ‘cooking’ ROMS to provide the best user experience.


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We tell you 5 ROMs that you can install on the Xiaomi Mi 9T and many others on the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. Remember that to root the mobile you need to have the bootloader unlocked and install a custom recovery.

xiaomi mi 9t

Xiaomi.EU for Xiaomi Mi 9T

ROM based on global China. Among the benefits of installing this ROM are the elimination of system advertising, more gestures on the screen, priority notification settings, automated tasks in the security application … The requirements to install it are to have the bootloader unlocked and the TWRP installed .

More information | Xiaomi.EU

Mokee 9.0 for Xiaomi Mi 9T

Before installing this ROM, we must warn the user that the on-screen fingerprint does not work when it is turned off, the ambient display or the double Touchez to activate it. Little information is available, the requirements to install it are the unlocked bootloader and the TWRP custom recovery installed.

More information | Mokee 9.0

Paranoid Android 9 for Xiaomi Mi 9T

A ROM well known to all who like to mess with your Android terminal. This is version 9 of Paranoid Android. If you already know this ROM, we tell you that it comes full of extra features, system improvements and exclusive wallpapers. To install it, the usual requirements, bootloader unlocked and TWRP installed.

More information | Android Paranoid 9

Pixel Experience for Xiaomi Mi 9T

According to XDA Developers, the most stable ROM that you can install on the Xiaomi Mi 9T. It is a ROM that offers the user a pure Android experience, with Google applications preinstalled. The requirements to install it are the usual ones.

More information | Pixel Experience

The 5 best ROMs for the Xiaomi Mi 9T and 9T Pro 1LineageOS 16 for Xiaomi Mi 9T

Lineage is a ROM specially designed for improve the performance of our mobile. It is a ROM known by the Android community and it is always worth trying on our phone. As always, you must have your mobile phone bootloader unlocked and a custom recovery conveniently installed, in this case the TWRP is advised.

More information | LineageOs

As for the ROMs available for the new Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro they will be added to this same site as soon as they are officially available. You can try to install some of the ones that are already available for the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro but we suggest you better wait for it to be officially launched and the “cooks” get down to work.

The Xiaomi Mi 9T prepares its landing in Spain next Tuesday, August 20 with two different prices depending on its storage capacity: 429 euros for the 64 GB version and 479 euros for the largest of 128 GB.

If you want ROMs for Redmi Note 7 here you have all the information about it.

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