The 6 best kits to turn your bike into an e-bike

by Kelvin
The 6 best kits to turn your bike into an e-bike

Within the existing means of transport, electric bicycles or e-bikes have become one of the options taken into consideration by travelers and fans.

And, because of the new electric motor technology complemented by the use of rechargeable batteries, electric bicycles are an ideal solution if you are a person who lives in a city invaded by cars and constant traffic jams.

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But in case you own a conventional bicycle, don't worry, since, in the same way, you can have the opportunity to turn it into an e-bike. A few days ago we talked about the

All this thanks to the existence of conversion kits for bicycles of which you will know which are the 6 best in the market.

one. Switch Byke

A well known option that was presented in 2017 in crowdfunding model. It is currently one of the best selling solutions, offering kits that reach a range of 80 km. Its installation is extremely fast, and adapts to any bicycle.

Recently we got in touch with them to talk about a new model they are preparing, so watch out, because soon there will be surprises.

2. Theebikemotor

The 6 best kits to turn your bike into an e-bike 6

Despite its small size, this bike conversion kit is very powerful, an attribute backed with 1500W, which can be installed on both the front and rear wheels, as long as it has a diameter between 20 or 29 inches.

However, taking into account its power, it is recommended that you perform its installation on the rear wheel in order to obtain better traction where, once the kit is installed, you can reach a speed of up to 60 km / h.

You must purchase the battery separately since it is not included in the kit, highlighting, in addition, that at the time of installation, it is recommended that you do it with its bag on the frame, in order to prevent the bicycle from rising steeply over the rear wheel due to engine power.

An element included in this kit are the automatic cutting brake levers for mechanical brakes, which, in conjunction with the rest of the elements, are easy to install.

3. Features 26-inch Electric Front Wheel Motor Kit

The 6 best kits to turn your bike into an e-bike 7

If you are looking for power, this conversion kit will give your bike everything you need to get around, standing out for being one of the lightest and simplest.

This kit is included with a 240W motor, as well as a front wheel on which you must install it, and whose operation is based on the dynamic FOC sinusoidal drive.

Along with this, it is also remarkable the new design of the magnet motor with high compatibility in which, its performance will allow to increase the working efficiency of your bicycle up to 10%.

In relation to the LG18650 battery, it has a power 5 times higher than a conventional lithium battery.

One of the advantages of this FeaturesMotors kit is its ability to be adapted to almost any type of bicycle, provided that it supports the placement of a 26-inch front wheel.

Its installation does not involve any complexity since it is only necessary to disassemble the front wheel and place the one that is included in the conversion kit.

The FeaturesMotors conversion kit also includes a controller that displays information related to speed, as well as the battery level that you can handle through an app.

4. Vogvigo Rear Wheel

The 6 best kits to turn your bike into an e-bike 8

If you want to optimize the performance of your bike, the Vogvigo conversion kit for the rear wheel will allow you to achieve this goal.

This kit is designed for 26 ”rear wheels on bicycles, whose fork has a shaft between 0.39” and 0.45 ”.

Acquiring this conversion kit for the rear wheel of your bike you will get a powerful 48V 1500W hub motor consisting of 5 power levels that you can have the opportunity to control through a thumb throttle.

A favorable aspect of the hub is that it has compatibility with disc brake rotors, giving you the possibility of installing a brake that allows you to slow down at times when you are traveling with the bike at a fast speed.

In this sense, the maximum speed offered by the electric wheel of this kit is between 55 and 65 km / h, mentioning, in addition, that it is only suitable for use on asphalt surfaces, since if you travel with it for a dirt road could have difficulties in the traction of the front wheel.

An absent element in this conversion kit is the battery, the installation of which will take about an hour to complete.

5. Bafang 8fun BBS02

The 6 best kits to turn your bike into an e-bike 9

Among all bicycle conversion kits, this is one of the most versatile, since the power of its engine allows it to be used on the road, dirt roads and even on cargo bicycles.

Regarding the engine, it has an output of 750W, providing the possibility of being installed in any frame with a bottom bracket between 68 and 73 mm wide.

Once installed, this kit will provide your bike with the ability to reach a maximum speed of 32 km / h, as well as 9 levels of assisted pedaling.

Within the set of elements included in this kit, a color LCD screen stands out that has a menu with many options and information where you can check data such as speed, the number of kilometers traveled, the battery level, as well as the possibility of Choose one of the pedal assistance levels.

Something that does not have this kit is the battery, which, you must acquire separately to proceed with the installation, a process of moderate difficulty for which you will need a crank handle, as well as a key that allows you to remove the current cranks .

If you wonder about how much this kit can improve the performance of your bike, the answer is that, this will depend on the type of driving you do.

In the case of a cargo bike that carries a large amount of weight, this conversion kit will only provide you with enough power to travel short distances.

While you are aware of the capabilities that this conversion kit gives your bike and take advantage of it to the right extent, it will perform efficiently.

6. Prystel 26PT

The 6 best kits to turn your bike into an e-bike 10

This is another bicycle conversion kit designed to be installed on the rear wheel, which has a 250W motor with a performance that produces a low noise level.

Along with this, a thumb accelerator that will allow you to control the activation or deactivation of assisted pedaling.

Taking into account that this accelerator does not have fixed levels to select, it is probably not very comfortable to keep your thumb pressed on it for long distances.

To check the battery life, a controller with 3 LED indicators is included in the kit, mentioning, in addition, that it is only allowed to be used on the road and does not include a tire.

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