The 7 Best Email Marketing Services for 2020

The 7 Best Email Marketing Services for 2020 1

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to a large group, to promote products and services. It has become the most successful method of encouraging people to buy a product or read content. It is increasingly important that commercial companies spend a considerable part of their marketing budget on email marketing tools and services.

Now web traffic experts and SEO specialists advise us to focus more on email marketing and campaign list building. Collect emails from subscribers, create campaigns, schedule them for peak time for maximum exposure, track user clicks, customize plans, and wait for results.

The best email marketing tools 2020

Do you know which email marketing service is the best? In this post, we handpicked 7 best email marketing tools and software after going through them in detail.

Email marketing service
Cost (per month)
Free Trial

Get an answer
  • PS12.75 (up to 1000 subscribers)
  • $ 21.25 (up to 2,500 subscribers)
  • $ 38.25 (up to 5000 subscribers)
30 days 4.2 / / 5
  • Free (up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails)
  • $ 10 (up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails)
  • $ 50 (up to 3,000 subscribers and unlimited emails)
2000 contacts 4.2 / / 5
  • PS19.95 (up to 1000 subscribers)
  • $ 29.95 (up to 3,500 subscribers)
  • $ 49.95 (up to 5,000 subscribers)
30 days 4.0 / / 5
Constant contact
  • PS20 (Up to 500 subscribers)
  • $ 45 (up to 2,500 subscribers)
  • $ 65 (up to 5000 subscribers)
60 days 4.0 / / 5
Active campaign
  • PS9 (Up to 500 subscribers)
  • $ 39 (up to 2,500 subscribers)
  • $ 69 (up to 5,000 subscribers)
14 days 3.8 / / 5
  • PS19 (Up to 500 subscribers)
  • $ 29 (up to 2,500 subscribers)
  • $ 49 (up to 5,000 subscribers)
30 days 3.8 / / 5
  • $ 29 (up to 1000 subscribers)
  • $ 49 (up to 3,000 subscribers)
  • $ 79 (up to 5,000 subscribers)
14 days 3.5 / / 5

1. Get an answer

Email marketing services

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing tools to promote your business. It is inexpensive and comes with modern features to automate and enhance your promotional strategies.

• Professional templates
• Marketing automation
• Drag and drop builder, customizable templates, team management, scheduler, time travel, online surveys, landing pages, media library, and image editing.
• Advanced analysis
• Mobile apps
• Customer service by chat and email.
• No money back guarantee

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two. MailChimp

Email Marketing Services

MailChimp is the leading email marketing solution with over 5 million monthly users. It was founded in 2001 as a premium service and added a freemium option in 2009. In several ways, it allows you to personalize campaigns and add a personal touch.

MailChimp is integrated with hundreds of applications that you already use like Google, Facebook, Twitter, SalesForce, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Make a significant contribution to your business by reducing your marketing efforts and automating campaigns.

• flexible design
• Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns
• Marketing automation
• In-depth analysis
• Image library, unlimited emails, email templates, email designer, Google Analytics, custom signup forms, and multi-user accounts
• Mobile apps
• Payment by credit card, PayPal and direct debit (in selected countries)
• Customer service by chat (payment)
• No money back guarantee

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3. Paladin

Email Marketing Services

Campaigner is a popular email marketing service for companies. It comes with industry-leading features and dedicated tools to efficiently run your marketing campaigns.

• Easy to use
• Nice design
• Attractive and mobile friendly templates
• Integration of social networks, exchange, location, suppression lists, exclusion lists, user management, media library and reports.
• I pay with credit card.
• Customer service by phone and email.
• No money back guarantee

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Four. Constant contact

Email Marketing Services

Constant Contact is another email marketing service to manage your campaigns. It is well designed, easy to use, which will improve your communication with customers and help grow your business.

• Easy to use
• Drag and drop the generator to create custom templates
• Marketing automation
• real time monitoring
• Email templates, image library, 1GB file storage, event marketing, social media marketing, unlimited emails, pop-up forms, and multi-user accounts
• Mobile apps
• Customer service by chat, phone and tweet.
• 30 days money back guarantee

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5. Active campaign

Email Marketing Software

Active Campaign is another tool for marketers to promote products and generate more sales. It was founded in 2003, which has more than 1, 00,000 clients at the moment.

• Templates optimized for mobile devices
• Marketing automation
• Unlimited emails, multi-user accounts, custom domain, custom branding, sms marketing, scheduler, drag and drop generator, free image hosting, and geo-tracking
• Google Analytics integration
• Payment with card, PayPal, checks and bank transfers.
• Customer service by chat, email and phone.
• No money back guarantee

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6. AWeber

Email marketing tools

AWeber is a renowned name in the field of email marketing. It's easy to use, packed with powerful features to save time on content promotion and increase traffic or sales.

• Superb templates
• Marketing automation
• Unlimited emails, registration forms, media library, image hosting, drag and drop generator, custom email templates, and landing pages.
• Detailed analysis
• Mobile apps
• Payment with cards, checks and money orders.
• Customer service by chat, email and phone.
• No money back guarantee

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7. ConvertKit

Junk mail

ConvertKit is the most trusted email marketing tool for professional bloggers and small businesses. It contains a wide range of unique tools to make your promotions fun and easy.

• Easy to use
• Visual automation.
• Unlimited emails, unlimited customizable forms, list building, content editing, online surveys and template designer.
• Reports
• Customer service by chat and email.
• 30 days money back guarantee.

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