The 7 Best WordPress Plugins to Clone or Duplicate a Website …


Do you want to move your site to a new web host? Or maybe you want to create a preview version of your site where you can try new plugins without affecting your live site.

You can move your site manually, but this is a time consuming and erroneous technical process.


In this article, we publish the best WordPress plugins to clone or duplicate a website to save you time and hassle.

When might you want to clone or duplicate a site?

There are many situations in which you may want to make a copy of your site. You may need:

You can clone, duplicate, and move a WordPress site manually, but it's a slow process.

For this reason, any smart professional WordPress developer and power user uses a cloning plugin to effectively manage downloads and migrations.

When working with a managed WordPress hosting provider, most of them have built-in features that make it easy to deploy, clone, and secure your site.

Here are some of the largest WordPress hosting companies with WordPress cloning and organization capabilities: Bluehost, SiteGround, WP Engine, Liquid Web, Dreamhost, etc.

However, if you are not using WordPress managed hosting, you can simply use a WordPress plugin to clone or duplicate your site from our list below.

track: Do you just want to create a backup? Many of these plugins will be overdone. Try our list of the best WordPress backup plugins.

1Duplicator Pro

Duplicator Pro is our favorite WordPress cloning plugin. It ended with 15 Million extremely popular downloads. You can easily use it to back up your site, but it is also a very powerful plugin for cloning a website.

One of the biggest benefits of Duplicator is that it can move somewhere between domains or hosts without downtime. If you don't want to lose traffic or clients, this can be a very important consideration.

Duplicator groups everything from your site into a single "package" in the form of a zip file. This package contains absolutely everything about your site, such as plugins, themes, content, databases and even WordPress files.

This means that you can use the package to move everything to a new location. You don't even need to have WordPress installed there because the duplicator package contains all the WordPress files.

Duplicator Pro allows you to create scheduled backups, migrate multi-site networks, and more.

We have a complete guide to cloning a Duplicator site. This will guide you through the process step by step.


Duplicator Pro starts at $ 59 a year and can be used at up to three sites.

If you're on a tight budget, the free version of Duplicator is also a great option. However, this has some limitations and you cannot use advanced features like scheduled backups, multi-site network support, etc.

2, WP Stagecoach

WP Stagecoach plugin for WordPress

WP Stagecoach is a great plugin that allows you to create a WordPress preparation site, especially if your WordPress hosting company doesn't offer this feature.

A temporary site is a special trial version of your site where you can try new plugins or codes or simply make updates that you don't want to perform live.

With the WP Stagecoach plugin, you can create a short-term staging site. You can use this to test everything and then send the changes to your live site when you're ready.

The plugin combines the changes from your database instead of overwriting the database. This means that once you set up the test site, you will not lose anything that happened on your live site.

It is a very fast and easy to use plugin with robust testing, which means it should work in almost any location. WP Stagecoach also hosts your staging site on their servers, so you don't have to use your own web hosting site.

However, WP Stagecoach does not work with multi-site networks. If you want to create a preview version of your multi-site configuration, select another plugin.


WP Stagecoach starts at $ 12 / Month. You can save money by paying an annual plan (starting at $ 120 / year).

There is a free 5- day trial and a full money back guarantee if the add-on doesn't work for you.

3, UpdraftPlus Premium

UpdraftPlus Premium Plugin for WordPress

UpdraftPlus Premium is an excellent plugin that allows you to easily clone and migrate websites.

You may have heard of UpdraftPlus previously. It is an excellent WordPress backup plugin, which we highly recommend.

The premium version of UpdraftPlus includes the Migrator Tool and UpdraftClone. All other plugins are also included.

With Migrator you can copy your site and move it to a new domain or hostname. You must install WordPress and UpdraftPlus on your original and new websites to start the process.

With MigrraftPlus Migrator, you can even move a separate WordPress site to a WordPress network.

With the UpdraftClone plugin, you can create a temporary place where you can test your changes. Setting up the test site hosted on UpdraftPlus servers requires only a few clicks.

The downside to this is that you have to buy tokens to create and manage your staging sites. With UpdraftPlus Premium you get some of them for free, but you will probably buy more.

You should also be careful when combining changes to your live site if there have been changes to your live site since cloning.


You can purchase the Migrator plugin for $ 30. UpdraftClone is available with the free version of UpdraftPlus, but you must pay for the tokens. These costs $ 15 for 5, You can buy more than once or subscribe to a monthly subscription to get a better offer.

We recommend purchasing the premium version of UpdraftPlus. Includes Migrator and all other UpdraftPlus plugins. You also get 12 Months of support. It costs from $ 70 / year.

In the personal plan you get 1 free token to use with UpdraftClone. If you buy a more expensive plan, you get more symbols.

4, Migrate to the guru

Migrate the Guru plugin for WordPress

Migrate Guru is a free plugin that works with almost all popular WordPress hosting providers. It is designed to help you move your site from one host or server to another.

It comes from the people behind the popular BlogVault plugin and uses the BlogVault servers. This makes it a quick and easy process. When your migration is complete, Migrate Guru will delete the copy of your site from the BlogVault servers.

If you have a relatively large site, Migrate Guru is a good option as a 1-GB- The website can be moved in less than 30 minutes. It can be used on sites with up to 200 GB. It can be used. You will receive real-time notifications and emails about the destination of your migration.

However, this is not suitable for developing a site on your local host as you move to / from your local host and your live site is not supported.

With Migrate Guru you are on 5 site Migrations limited per Month. You can do this 5 however, move unlimited sites. This is probably more than enough for most users, and developers may request a change to this limit.


Migrating Guru is completely free. There is no paid version or paid extension for the plugin.

5, All-in-one WP migration

The all-in-one WP migration plugin for WordPress

ServMask's all-in-one WP migration plugin is another very easy way to clone your site and move it to a new server or domain name.

The plugin is compatible with a variety of hosting providers because it has no dependencies. It also ignores any file size restrictions that your web hosting provider may have by dividing your data into blocks for import.

However, there are some limitations to the plugin. The most important thing is that it only matters up to 512 MB Supported data This may not be enough if your site is big enough.

You must add the unlimited extension to remove this limit. There are also many other premium extensions. This includes a multi-site extension that allows you to use the all-in-one plug-in for WP migration with multi-site configuration.


The basic all-in-one WP migration plugin is free. You can buy paid extensions to add more features. The unlimited renewal that many site owners want is $ 69 for personal use and $ 69 + $ 29 / month for commercial use.

Please note that there is no money back guarantee. Refunds are at the discretion of the Company.

6, XCloner

XCloner plugin for WordPress

XCloner is a simple and free WordPress plugin that allows you to back up your site. You can create "differential backups" that contain only files that have changed since a specific date.

You can configure XCloner to create automatic backups on a regular basis. You can even use it to create automatic backups before automatic WordPress updates.

After creating a backup, you can use it to restore your site or new location. In this way, you can duplicate your site on a new host or domain.

It is completely free. However, it is somewhat more technical than some other plugins. It may be a good idea to choose another plugin if you don't have a decent WordPress experience.


XCloner is currently free. However, you can pay for premium support 24/7, which currently costs € 49.95 / year or € 99.95 for lifetime support.

At the time of writing, Watchful had just purchased XCloner. This means that prices may change in the near future.

7, Clones NS

NS Cloner plugin for WordPress

NS Cloner was specially developed for multi-site WordPress networks. You can inherit any existing site on your network and create a new and identical site with the same theme, plugins, and content settings.

This is a great addition if you host and manage many customer sites in a multi-site environment. This also works well if you want to create multiple test sites or create sites for members of an organization.

Please note that it only works with WordPress Multi-Site. You need the NS Cloner Pro version if you want to use it for unique sites. The Pro version also allows you to clone between single and multisite WordPress and vice versa.

The Pro version also gives you additional features, such as: B. the ability to clone all site users and their permissions.


NS Cloner is free. There is also a pro version that offers additional features and costs starting at $ 99.

What is the best WordPress plugin to clone or duplicate a website?

In the vast majority of cases, Duplicator Pro is the best WordPress plugin to clone or duplicate a website.

Whether you're migrating a site, moving somewhere to the local server, or something else, Duplicator can do the job.

If you want to create a temporary site, we always recommend that you use the option built into your WordPress hosting provider. All the big hosting providers like SiteGround, Bluehost, WP Engine, Liquid Web etc. They offer this feature to their users.

However, if your host does not have the prepare function, you can use WP Stagecoach. It is easy to use, cheap and has a free trial.

If you have a network of locations across multiple sites, NS Cloner may be right for you. It is specifically designed to copy pages within a multi-page network, and the basic version is free.

We hope this article has helped you learn about the best WordPress plugins to clone or duplicate a website. You may also want to see our comparison of the best WordPress site builder plugins and the best small business email marketing services.

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