The 7 rarest mobile cases on the market

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The 7 rarest mobile cases on the market

We are sure that most of us would buy a literally normal case in terms of design; one of the favorite football team, of roses, a landscape or something similar. However, today we also find some options for tastes more than creative and little seen.

So in the absence of one, we are going to show 7 of those cases that have a rare design and draw attention to the naked eye.

Game of Thrones Cover

If you are a true fan of Game of Thornes, then the cover you see above is specifically for you. This is not a common one that has a logo or stickers or any other conventional design, since This is a 3D case, that is, it has objects and details that come out of it and that you can easily touch them.

In this case, it is a representation of the iron throne, to which its swords stand out (they really are a kind of rods) in the upper part, while in the lower one it does have the iconic swords of the throne of the seven kingdoms. If you like the series or just got your attention, this case may go well once in a while, although it may attract strange looks from the people around you.

Banana cover

If you want to go unnoticed in the eyes of your friends, this case is not for you. This plastic case has the simple shape of a banana, and most likely it can not even enter your pocket, so it would be most strange to have your mobile in your hand inside a giant banana case. You can give the Banana Cover to any friend or family member who likes jokes, because if he doesn't like it, he probably ends up throwing the banana in your face.

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Crab cover

The 7 rarest mobile cases on the market 1

Finally, we present the crab cover. This could be the rarest cover of the topWell, it's just that, a crab that will protect your mobile. Its size is really large to be a cover, similar to the dimensions of a lobster, so it will not pass discreetly by the subway or bus.

Like most covers of this top, they would be a good topic to make our friends laugh, but to use them as covers, we would say that it would not be the best.

Appetizing cover

The 7 rarest mobile cases on the market 2

We start with a sandwich, or well, a case with sandwich design for your Samsung, Huawei or iPhone mobile. These food and candy covers have features that make them look real, but do not be confused, obviously they are not edible, although we want them to be.

How you should already intuit, not everyone would buy these appetizer covers, but it's about something weird and you don't see it every day, but in any case, it also stands out as a topic of conversation that will cause a lot of laughs between friends and family and that you can buy for 11.90 euros from Amazon.

Tooth case

The 7 rarest mobile cases on the market 3

Honestly, this case is not pretty at all, so if you have it you will get the attention of who is next to you, and it will not be for your new haircut or style. In the case you can see the presence of the pink color on the sides of the teeth, representing the skin, so it looks quite realistic.

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It's funny if you use it for a joke to someone who is a dentist or something like that, but to use it as your everyday cover It is not the best idea if you consider yourself a person with simple tastes without a crazy life.

Ear cover

ear cover

A work by the artist Sarah Sitkin, who from Los Angeles presented this iPhone 5 case that we commented on more than 3 years ago.

The multipurpose


We discussed it a few weeks ago in this article. It was a prototype designed by researchers of the parent company of Snapchat, and has mechanical widgets manufactured to give more usefulness to the case, as you can read in the original article.

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The 7 rarest mobile cases on the market 7

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