The 9 best Android apps for a successful start

by Kelvin
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The autumn of 2019 is coming soon! Your beach towel is undoubtedly tidy at the bottom of your closet and you are finally ready to be reunited for a new year of study or work. To better help you, we have concocted for you a selection of special applications returned.


Back to school is not easy for anyone! We sometimes forget that our smartphone can help us organize ourselves a little better and thus help better manage this transition phase between holidays and the return to active life. For teenagers as for the older ones, the mobile phone can quickly become an indispensable ally.

Despite the technological rise of recent years, we often consider the smartphone as a simple source of distraction. Yet, its use can have multiple benefits on adolescents. So ready to make the most of your smartphone for a successful 2019 comeback? After trying them, you will not be able to think that the smartphones make them stupid!

For the parents

Evernote, so as not to forget anything

After two or three weeks of vacation in the sun, returning to work can easily become a real obstacle course. It's hard to keep up the pace when you've spent days thinking about nothing but going to the beach. Still, you will have to go there, the holidays, it's over but the good news is that you do not necessarily need to torture your mind!

Just download a stupid think like Evernote, one of the best Android apps in its class. Greatly designed, the application allows you to save almost anything you want, then you find your notes on your PC and all of your devices!

The 9 best Android apps for a successful start 1

Cam Scanner, to have all your documents at hand

Who says back said papers. Between the start of your child's school year and the various photocopies that you will be asked from right to left, you will quickly lose your Latin and spend time waiting in line in front of the photocopier. Why not scan all your documents once and for all with your smartphone so you have them at your fingertips. With Cam Scanner, it's very easy. Once scanned, your documents will be transformed into PDF files, ready to use. You can even print them from your smartphone.

The 9 best Android apps for a successful start 1

Holidays and holidays, not to forget the holidays

holidays holidays android

When you are at school, you have no trouble remembering the start dates of holidays and holidays. When you work, it's always a bit more complicated. Admit that it is still very boring not to have planned and to learn at the last minute that your child is not going to school today. Especially when you know that there is an application that lists all the dates of holidays and holidays.

The 9 best Android apps for a successful start 3

For students

Duolingo, to learn a new language!

Want to learn a new language? Duolingo is for you. Especially well designed, the app allows you to learn a new language in just 5 minutes a day. It does not matter if you are a beginner, in a very short time, you will master all the mechanisms of the language you want to learn and enrich your vocabulary. A fun way to learn that can be an excellent complement to traditional courses. It's really great and it's free! You will not even need Google Translate!

The 9 best Android apps for a successful start 1

MyScript Calculator, for mathematicians and scientists

If you are in science or have started graduate school where algorithms and equations are part of your daily life, you may need a scientific calculator. And if you ever forget your precious machine on your desk? Know that your smartphone can replace your calculator!

With MyScript Calculator, you canWe can do mathematical reasoning by writing them by hand and these will be understood by the app to be converted into digital data! So magic that it would almost make you want to do math, right? With MyScript Calculator, you can use your smartphone and hands to do the following: power, roots, exponentials, trigonometry, logarithms, …

The 9 best Android apps for a successful start 5

Wunderlist, the ultimate list app!

If you're like me and you like creating a variety of lists to organize and visualize your tasks, you'll love Wunderlist. Having tested many apps of the same kind, this is clearly the best listing app from Google Play Store. Thanks to its clear and pleasant interface, you will be able to create multiple types of lists and schedule reminders while linking them to your Google, Outlook or other calendar.

Wunderlist is intuitive and easy to use. You can sync it with your tablet, smartphone and computer. The app is ideal for shopping lists, lists of movies to see, things to remember, homework to do, … In each task, you can add various notes, add a particular deadline or cross your tasks with others. For the heads in the air, this is the ideal planning app!

The 9 best Android apps for a successful start 3

SnapSchool, to be helped and help others

SnapSchool is an excellent school self-help app. The app is great if you sometimes have learning difficulties in certain subjects and you have no friends on hand to help you. If you are shy or lonely, it is sometimes difficult to find help from a classmate.

Thanks to SnapSchool, all students can get help online ! On this amazing collaborative platform, you can help other students and in return you will be helped too. If you are particularly good at literary subjects, such as literature or English, but you only get results close to zero in mathematics courses, you could trade your skills in exchange for a helping hand. rather welcome!

The 9 best Android apps for a successful start 3

Google Calendar

Google dark agenda

To organize yourself between classmates or colleagues, to remember nothing (of your appointments, your controls and your outings) nothing like thata good calendar app on Android. In this area, Google Calendar is a must-have application. This is for example the ideal solution to share a calendar with your colleagues, whether they own an Android or iPhone. Linked to your Google Account, the Google Calendar can be synced to your Google Home speaker or through an automation application like IFTTT, along with other services.

The 9 best Android apps for a successful start 3


To carry out a project or a group work, Trello stands out as the ideal Android application. Thanks to its simple, accessible and complete interface, Trello makes it easy to create tables to simplify your life and organize your work: who does what? when? what deadline? The icing on the cake: it is possible to attach Google Drive and Dropbox files. Similarly, it is also possible to work offline. A must.

The 9 best Android apps for a successful start 3

With these 9 applications you should be ready for school! Do you use others for your studies, your work or even as part of your private life? Feel free to share your tips with the Phonandroid community.

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