The absurd fashion of the moment is to send messages to your “number neighbor”

by Kelvin
The absurd fashion of the moment is to send messages to your “number neighbor”

Internet will never cease to surprise us. When we thought we had seen everything on the internet, now we get a new fashion that raises thinking about the simplicity of the human being. Have you heard of number neighbor? Well, be prepared that it seems that we are going to have a good time.

What is the number neighbor?

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In the last days, in Twitter (where else) are publications of users talking about their experiences with the neighboring number. The idea is very simple, it's about writing a text message to the number before yours own. That is, if your phone number ends in 4, you must write to the same number ending in 3 and ending in 5. Those are your two neighbors.

This is a joke that was born in 2008, and now several Twitteros have resumed again with the help of some captures with the answers of those contacted. As you can see in the many answers published in Twitter, there are countless reactions to everyone more curious, however, the resulting story does not always hide happiness for everyone.

A fairly clear example is that of a mother contacting the person who initiated the message to the neighbor, protesting the messages her 11-year-old son was receiving from a stranger. Luckily, after explaining that everything was due to a trend born in Twitter and show that it was just a joke, everything was in an anecdote, but this fact shows that we should not bother sending a text message to a stranger.

The networks are being filled with hundreds of captures with the messages and responses of each of the neighbors, and the worst thing is that in some of the images you can intuit the phone number from which they write or to which they write, so that the privacy of many is remaining on the floors.

So you know, if you receive a text message from someone saying that he is your neighbor, you will have the opportunity to ignore it and put an end to this meme or keep making the ball bigger and confirm that the human being has nothing to do With his future. What will you do?

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