You have not gone crazy or crazy. Neither the world either. It's just a fad that is hitting hard on Instagram Stories. And this is to share messages seems to add to the trend of memes. They can be romantic, funny or simply thoughtful. But the truth is that they do not stop appearing between the accounts of the people you follow. Do you want to know where they come from? Well read on.


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The latest trends are not writing paper letters or messages and sending them privately. It is making it public. This way you save paper by writing a most direct message on top of the envelope Or share the message notification Newcomer from your mobile desktop, without entering the chat. Makes sense? None. But it has a lot of visual form. And if the message is deep we already have the formula for success. So much so that there are already several accounts of Instagram exploiting this. Here we are going to offer you several alternatives available.


It is the most current trend. It consists of neither more nor less than show the incoming message on the lock screen or mobile startup. Something that leaves us wanting to enter the conversation and know the whole context. Perhaps that is the morbidity for which these accounts succeed. There are all kinds, from messages that could come from a hot sexting conversation, to the message that you could find on a Monday morning from your co-worker.

The accounts of Instagram of letters and notifications that everyone is sharing 2

  • @notificacion_indirecta is one of the accounts that produces this format. It also has many varied contents. So you can find yourself from long notifications with deep texts and senses, to fun ideas to get someone's attention or to please your followers.
  • @new_notification has even more followers, although its theme is more related to love, beautiful phrases and felt messages. Follow the same formula of notifications on all types of funds. In addition they also publish their contents in stories format. Follow it to find daily messages that you would like to receive.
  • @, as there are no two without three, this account mimics what is seen in this trend. Lock screens with backgrounds and time to simulate that the message is real. It is also closer to the romantic and idyllic, although there is a bit of everything. Messages that are always accompanied by an emoji emoticon, even if it doesn't have much to do with it.
  • Envelopes

    Why keep a paper in an envelope when you are going to publish your message for everyone? We don't know very well why, but this trend has an overwhelming visual force. Perhaps it is because of the subject of writing directly on brightly colored envelopes. Maybe it's calligraphy, or maybe a resounding message. The fact is that there are several accounts that are giving content so you can share it through your own profile or in your Instagram Stories

    messages in envelopes in Instagram

    • @sobresratchet is a somewhat hooligan account. His messages are hook and strong. Both visually and semantically. Maybe I owe it part of his success. Your account is packed with photos of envelopes with messages from a couple of lines. But watch out for them, some go straight to the heart and others go to the brain. A good source of hints and not-so-veiled messages.
    • @anhqv_sobres In this case the account is a parody in itself. Instead of deep or resounding messages written on envelopes, we come across phrases from the great television series Here No One Who Lives. If you were a fan of the series, do not forget to follow it to share and remember great moments. But with a more modern format.

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