The AMD EPYC 7402P eats an Intel Xeon Platinum 8268 that costs 5x times more

by Kelvin
El Chapuzas Informático

We can already see the first reviews of the network AMD EPYC 7402P, which may be AMD's most profitable server processor, because it combines what everyone is looking for: power, low consumption and a really competitive price.

He AMD EPYC 7402P offers 24 cores and 48 processing threads under microarchitecture Zen2 @ 7nm with Base / Turbo frequencies of 2.80 / 3.35 GHz next to 128 MB of level 3 cache (L3), we have access to nothing less than 128x PCI-Express 4.0 lines, a memory controller Octa(8)-Channel @ 3200 MHz and all this with a restrained TDP of 180W, which allows it to be cooled even with a reference heatsink from AMD Ryzen, or by a mid-range liquid.


AMD EPYC 7402P 740x555 0

We are going to what interests, the tests, and one of the most interesting is the channel of YouTube 'Level1Techs', where he tests the AMD EPYC 7402P in everyday tasks allowing you to compare your performance with AMD Ryzen in games, and as expected by the frequencies, this processor is the one that yields the least performance compared to those, being even surpassed by the Ryzen 7 3700X, and it is normal, since the games are benefited more by the high frequencies since they are not able to take advantage of the 24 cores of this CPU destined to servers, but it shows its low consumption, voltage (3.35 GHz @ 1.1v), although it is also indicated that everything is very green, including the BIOS of the Gigabyte MZ32-AR0 motherboard that you used for the tests.

In its natural field, where all the nuclei are used, this economic AMD EPYC 7402P offers more PCI-Express lines that the union of two Intel Xeon Platinum 8253processor 16 cores and 32 wires @ 2.20 / 3.00 GHz with 22 MB of L3 cache, a controller Hexa(6)-Channel @ 2933 MHz, and with 48x PCI-Express 3.0 lines, where each of these CPUs yields a TDP of 125W and a unit price of $ 3115, that is to say, that each CPU is worth almost three times more, to which it is added that the PCIe 4.0 interface is twice as fast with respect to PCIe 3.0.

In all the tests carried out by the ServeTheHome specialized server portal, the AMD EPYC 7402P was faster in all tests compared to the Intel Xeon Platinum 8268, a CPU of 24 cores and 48 wires @ 2.90 / 3.90 GHz with 35.75 MB of L3 cache and a TDP of 205W valued at $ 6,302, that is, for each Xeon Platinum 8268 purchased you can buy 5x AMD EPYC 7402P, crazy. It seems that Intel has no choice but to wait for their Xeon @ 10nm to try to reverse the situation.

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