The App Store generates only 77,000 jobs in Spain

by Kelvin

The app economy has changed diametrically the labor landscape of many European countries that, until the emergence of the smartphone and its direct and indirect market, did not get digitization fees at the level of other regions. Of all the app marketsthat of Apple, for its importance and for what it means in revenue for developers, it is one of the most attractive, and not only for those who generate direct remuneration through the application.

In this sense, and taking as an example in Spain, The work related to iOS apps has grown by 26% in just three years, partly thanks to the interest of the users in the apps and partly to the investment that Apple It has been carrying out to promote this market, through training programs for developers and programmers who want to make iOS an entry point for their services and applications.


Thus, and according to estimates of the PPI (Progressive Policy Institute), an American entity focused on innovation policies, it is estimated that the App Store generates some 77,000 jobs in Spain, a data that groups both direct and indirect jobs but has a direct relationship with the apps ecosystem of Apple and their devices In fact, of that figure, some 16,000 new jobs related to the app store of Apple only in the last three years, according to data updated in August.

This figure places Spain as the fifth country with the greatest impact on the economy of iOS apps within Europe, which means that it still has a large margin of growth. Locally, Madrid and Barcelona are the most important in Spain, and are among the 15 most prominent European cities in the app economy. In figures, Barcelona ranks seventh, with a total of 32,000 related jobs, and Madrid is ranked eleventh, with 25,000 jobs connected to the App Store.

The efforts of Apple in its commitment to app developers, it is undoubtedly bearing fruit, at a time when it seems that synergies between the interest of programmers to digitize their services and the commitment to Apple For this market, it is reaching high levels.

In total, it is estimated that there are more than 1.5 million jobs those that the App Store has created in Europe directly or indirectly, which is one of the biggest engines of employment in the digital economy.

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