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by Kelvin
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Who says that learn to play the piano It has to be a complicated process? Technology not only brings us new forms of entertainment or communication, but also offers us infinite possibilities to learn new skills.

Today we can find multiple applications and utilities to acquire notions of music or learn to play, and flowkey was born precisely with the idea of ​​facilitating for anyone the process of learning to play the piano through an innovative application. It is suitable for users of all levels, from those who have never played a piano, to intermediate or advanced musicians with this instrument. What do you need? Simply flowkey and your smartphone or tablet.


Thousands of songs to learn to play the piano with flowkey

One of the most interesting points of flowkey is that we can start practicing directly with songs that you like. The platform includes a huge catalog with over a thousand songs from a multitude of musical styles, so we can select our favorites to learn to play them. This is especially interesting because it adds a little bit of motivation and interest when practicing. In addition, along with the tutorials to play those songs we will also find more simplified versions of the song itself, as well as more complex, so that we can increase the difficulty as we gain ease.

How does flowkey work? Really all you have to do is register through the flowkey web, or from their applications, which are available for Android from Google Play and to iPhone / iPad on the App Store of Apple. With the free account we will have access to 8 songs directly.

flowkey uses the microphone of our mobile or tablet to detect the sounds that come from our piano or keyboard. That is, we do not need any type of cable or connection between the device and the piano, although if we wish we can plug our keyboard through a MIDI connection.

When detecting sounds and notes, Flowkey will give us feedback instantly. From the application we will see at all times the correct position of the hands and fingers, as well as the score of the song, being able to zoom in specific parts. All tutorials have been performed by professional pianists.

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There are several functions to reinforce learning during tutorials. At Standby mode, the song and its score will progress as we play the correct notes, while in the Loop mode We can continuously practice a specific part of the song, something especially interesting for especially complicated fragments. It even allows us to practice what each hand should touch you separately, as if we had a teacher in person giving us class. The platform also includes interactive courses on notes, chords, technique, improvisation and more aspects related to piano and music.

What's more, flowkey can even be used by piano teachers during their classes, using it as an assistant for their students and teaching them to practice their favorite songs.

Key Flowkey Features

  • It is compatible with any piano or keyboard. You do not need additional cables or accessories.
  • 8 free songs in the free version and full access to thousands of songs and tutorials in the Premium version. Subscription packages are currently offered with a value of € 19.99 for 1 month, 1 year worth € 9.99 per month; and permanent for the single payment of € 329.99.
  • Clear and intuitive user interface. The app is available in several languages, including Spanish, and all flowkey courses have been translated and subtitled.
  • It includes interactive theoretical technical courses, chords, hand positions, scores and a catalog of thousands of songs that continues to grow.
  • It can be used from your web application, as well as from smartphones and tablets with the official application, on Android and devices Apple.

With flowkey you have no excuse for not learning to play the piano at your own pace and without leaving home.

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