The Apple Watch Doesn't work with wrist tattoos?

by Kelvin
The Apple Watch Doesn't work with wrist tattoos? 1

Discovered by several users the Tattoo-Gate of Apple Watch

If you are passionate about tattoos and products Apple, this could be bad news. According to what has been proven it seems that the Apple Watch You may have some problems monitoring physical activity and receiving notifications. This problem of Apple Watch has been baptized as tattoo gate.

The Apple Watch Doesn't work with wrist tattoos? 2

The Apple Watch have trouble monitoring physical activity on tattoos

According to what has been reported, it seems that several users with arm tattoos and reaching the wrist have encountered some problems when using the Apple Watch, the smart watch of Apple, when monitoring health and physical activity. As we well know, Apple I create a system that emits a series of infrared LED lights in order to obtain data such as heartbeat, however, it seems that tattoos create problems at the moment when the Apple Watch try to get this information.

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Of course, depending on the model of Apple Watch, this bad news can have a very expensive price and then have to discover that the device works badly when using one of its most important features and one of the main reasons for which it was created.

In addition to this, it seems that the device also does not receive any type of notification until it is not placed in an area of ​​the arm where it does not have tattoos or until the pulse monitoring is deactivated, since in the area where there is a tattoo the device does not detect skin contact and this is necessary to activate these functions.

If you have tattoos try the Apple Watch before buying it

Since the price of the smart watch of Apple, the Apple Watch, is so high and can vary from $ 349 to $ 17,000, depending on the model and size of the watch, the best option if you have tattoos on the arm or, to be more exact, on the wrist, We recommend that before buying it you ask for an appointment to try it and check if the Apple Watch It works correctly even though you have tattoos.

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