The Apple Watch Series 5 and iPad 7 sign up for the 100% recycled aluminum club

by Kelvin
The Apple Watch Series 5 and iPad 7 sign up for the 100% recycled aluminum club

In September of last year, Apple He announced his intention to get his products to use 100% recycled materials. In this way, the company sought to eliminate the need to extract new materials from the earth, especially aluminum. Since then, Apple has completed several milestones of great importance by adding four of its main products to the list of products with 100% recycled aluminum.

The new iPad and Apple Watch join Mac mini and MacBook Air



The 100% recyclable aluminum housings of the new MacBook Air and Mac mini are as durable and beautiful as you might expect. But standard recycled aluminum accumulates impurities every time it is recycled. So we have created a totally new alloy that can be recycled again and again without losing the qualities that make it so good.

Just over a month after showing your intentions, Apple announced that the 2018 Mac mini and MacBook Air had a 100% recycled aluminum housing. For this, the company has had to create a new alloy that overcomes imperfections derived from the recycling process.

Eleven months later, two other products have joined this select club of recycled aluminum. In the last keynote, Apple has announced that both the iPad 2019 and the Apple Watch They are made with 100% recycled aluminum (for the watch, it is understood that it only applies to the Sport collection). With this addition, we now have four products from three major categories using fully recycled aluminum.

Recycled aluminum eliminates the need to drill the earth's surface in search of bauxite, the material from which it is obtained

Hopefully I agree Apple announce new generations of products, this list is increasing. If in October there was an event focused on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro and renewal of the iPad Pro with Face ID, both are candidates to sign up. The iPhone already has some elements from recycled materials, but its aluminum chassis does not yet proceed to 100% recycling.

Including this family of devices will be a huge challenge given the immense volume of units They are sold every year (about 200 million units). The most logical thing would be to wait for news on this front already next year or maybe even the next.

Why 100% recycled aluminum is important

Apple  100% recycled aluminum

Metal mining is a very important economic activity. But it also generates waste and often has a negative impact on the environment. In the case of aluminum, this mineral is obtained from bauxite, whose extraction process requires an outdoor mine. Instead of entering underground or on the side of a mountain, this type of mining removes materials on the surface.

Once the bauxite is extracted, large amounts of energy are required for the chemical process necessary in the final production of aluminum. A year and a half ago, Apple invested together with two other companies in one joint venture to develop a technology that suppresses coal in aluminum foundry. Its commercialization is planned for 2024, so in the meantime Apple It seems interested in reducing its environmental impact through recycling.

So the Cupertino firm has two open fronts: reduce mining and reduce the energy needed in its production. We do not know if both could be combined in any way in the future, but it certainly seems that would be the intention. As we see, the efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the productive activities of Apple It is quite important. More when we know that the facilities of Apple Around the world they have been running renewable energy since April of last year.

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