The augmented reality of Facebook comes to Instagram, create your own effects

by Kelvin
Realidad aumentada en Instagram.

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Augmented reality is becoming increasingly fashionable. Thanks to its accessibility and the striking nature, users are able to create authentic works of art. Luckily, there are initiatives such as augmented reality of Facebook, Spark AR, they make everything easier.

Facebook He has already been driving his augmented reality platform, Spark AR, and now it is coming out of the closed beta to be included in Instagram. An intelligent movement by Facebook given the standardized popularity of Instagram.


Thanks to the arrival of Spark AR at Instagram Its users will be able to create effects in augmented reality using this platform and they can also share them with other users, in addition to using those of the creators.

Spark AR arrives at Instagram: this is the augmented reality platform of Facebook

This has been announced Facebook in his blog of developers. As of today we can download Spark AR Studio to be able to create our own effects in RA dedicated to Instagram.

Facebook announced in this year's F8 that they would take Spark AR to Instagram coming out of the closed beta. With these tools, users can develop their own effects for their stories or videos. In addition to creating them, they can share them with other users and they can also use, obviously, those that other members of the network create. It is true that it is still in beta, but this time it is public.

Further, Facebook has announced the call "Effects Gallery", which includes effects of emerging artists that do not have great notoriety so that they can be promoted. We can navigate these effects to test them and see what we can use.

These effects of RA are specially designed for stories, in which we can use these effects to give it a special touch. Augmented reality can completely transform a story. In fact, there is an example: Mark Ronson's video, "Pieces of Us" with King Princess, which is recorded only with mobiles using Spark AR effects.

There are already users who have published augmented reality effects in Instagram as Aliya Ataulova (@whiteabysses) being a student of graphic design and advertising. These effects do not have to simply be decorative; They can be used for advertisements, creation of social communities, etc. Or to create new memes, such as Chris Higa (@chriseditingofficial) that has created effects based on the Area 51 meme.

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