The beginning of an era: Apple now allows iPhone to be repaired in unofficial stores

by Kelvin
The beginning of an era: Apple now allows iPhone to be repaired in unofficial stores

If something has always characterized Apple, is the exclusivity, care and optimization that it brings to each of its devices. This could be a great advantage, but also a disadvantage if you look with another magnifying glass.


Something that the users of the company did not quite convince, was the fact that, if their iPhone had a fault or broke, there was no way to repair it if it was not in an official store of Apple.

Now, it seems that the company wants to go one step further, providing the possibility for users to repair their mobile devices in stores even if they are not official.

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Apple started a new program called "independent repairs", something that has aroused the interest of all who have had, have or want to have a iPhone.

What does it consist of Apple allow your devices to be repaired independently?

In the program, small businesses can now have access to the same tools, components and documentation that the official stores of Apple. Thus, users can repair their iPhone in more stores without worrying about quality or if the parts have already been used.

Simply put, small establishments can sign up for this program to receive genuine parts and accessories from the company. Even Apple offer training and documentation for workers, which will have to be certified to be able to repair devices.

This end improper and potentially dangerous repairs in which unofficial components are used that have not always gone through the same quality controls.

The bad thing is that this new initiative, for the moment, will only apply in the United States, but if all goes well, we will probably see how the company tries to expand this alternative in other regions.

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What do you think of the decision you have made Apple around repairing your iPhone?

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