The best accessories to improve in Instagram: cameras, lighting, microphones

by Kelvin
Лучшие аксессуары для улучшения в Instagram

Will creating quality content make me famous?

The best accessories to improve in Instagram: cameras, lighting, microphones 8

If you are thinking about this question now, we regret to inform you that you are completely wrong in every way. On the one hand, after years of experience publishing on various social networks, we can tell you that if the only thing you are looking for is fame and money, you will sooner or later “burn yourself”. Content creation takes a lot of effort, and what you can see, for example, our accounts at Instagram is just the “nice” part of the whole work behind it.

On the other hand, we want to make it very clear to you that nothing guarantees that your profile will be publicly known. The decision to create content with higher quality, better sound, better images will only set you apart from others who do it in any way and with any low quality camera. Of course, it’s not only the audiovisual quality of your publications that matters, but the quality of the content itself and how it contributes to the person viewing it is also vital.


So obviously this will not be the same as the person viewing Instagram, interacts with a post that looks and listens very well to another that is done in some way. But there is another important part of the job that depends only on you.

Accessories for creating quality content in Instagram

The best accessories to improve in Instagram: cameras, lighting, microphones 9

Commented on the previous section, which is more important than you think, it’s time to start talking about the team that will allow us to provide our subscribers with the best possible picture and sound quality. This “kit” will consist of cameras, flashlights, microphones, tripods and a number of accessories, which, of course, we do not need to buy right away. Even we may not have to buy all of them, or they should not be the most expensive.

For this reason, and because we understand that not all of us have the same purchasing power, we have decided to include products in all price ranges for all budgets.

Cameras for Instagram

For starters, of course, we’re doing this for the flagship product: cameras. And we know it’s easiest to use your own phone to take photos or record videos in Instagram… There are even many options that give great results, such as top models from Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi, among others. But, of course, at the moment they cannot be compared to what we can shoot with a camera. And of course, not everyone has the budget to get a phone with those specs.

A very interesting option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money can be purchasing the popular GoPro action camera. In particular, the model we recommend is GoPro Hero 9 black edition , the most relevant.

With its help, we will be able to record high quality video about everything that surrounds us. If you know it a little, you will find that it is the ideal device for travel or sports, as it is water and dust resistant without any problems.

The maximum quality it can achieve is 5K with a 23.6MP sensor. It has a lens with a wide field of view, typical of action cameras, for capturing a lot of information about what is happening around us. This camera includes a rear screen to be able to navigate all parameters through the interface, and in addition, a small front screen in case we want to use it for vlogging, and then upload it to Instagram as a resume on drums or on IGTV. … If you want to know this in detail, you can take a look at our analysis. YouTube…

On the other hand, if you do not like these wide-angle performance and are looking for a camera of life, you can choose Sony ZV1 , high-quality ultra-compact.

One of the best features of this model is that it is a Powershot, which means it is directly prepared to turn on and start taking photos or recording. Its small size and weight make it easy to take with you wherever you go. In addition, if we need to create content ourselves, the ZV1 includes a folding screen so that we can see ourselves when we are in front of the camera.

As for the quality it is capable of achieving, we can record videos up to 4K at 30fps and 1080p at 120fps. It has an impressive stabilization system for capturing motion shots, and like the rest of the professional cameras from this manufacturer, we have flat profiles for better color control in our images. If you would like to know a little more, you can take a look at our detailed analysis at YouTube…

Microphone for Instagram

Another section that we have to take care of is the section audio … Usually, any user on this social network posts everything by recording sound directly from their mobile phone. In truth, many devices already include high quality microphones, but again, at this point, they are no better than some dedicated microphone options.

The best accessories to improve in Instagram: cameras, lighting, microphones 10If you have a phone Appleone of the best models you can choose is SHURE MV88 / A … Condenser microphone that plugs directly into the Lightning port on your mobile phone so you can start recording right away. We can cut it where we need it thanks to the lower joint. There is a windbreaker in the box in case we need it in any situation.

The best accessories to improve in Instagram: cameras, lighting, microphones 11

But, of course, if your phone is an Android phone or a “regular” camera with a 3.5mm jack, you can always choose the equivalent, which will be VideoMic is born.

The best accessories to improve in Instagram: cameras, lighting, microphones 12

However, if you need completely wireless microphone to move with absolute freedom, you can always Sony ECM-W2BT … A newly released microphone by the manufacturer that includes an emitter and receiver. We’ll connect one to the camera itself and the other we can use it directly as a microphone or add a tie if we want.

Tripods and lights for Instagram

Finally, you need to give the importance it deserves, lighting your photos and videos which you post to Instagram… You can choose a system that includes a phone holder if you record with it, or a separate light.

The best accessories to improve in Instagram: cameras, lighting, microphones 13

One of the most commonly used options on social media is light rings which allow for very uniform lighting to make everything look good. Of course, be careful with your eyes, because this will not leave the characteristic white ring in our pupil.

This particular model allows us to tackle this curious characteristic a bit, because the phone stand is at the bottom. In addition, we can adjust the tilt of the ring, as well as its height and temperature.

The best accessories to improve in Instagram: cameras, lighting, microphones 14

However, you can always go for what’s known as spotlight or LED flashlight … In this model, we can change the color temperature (warmer or colder) from 3000K to 6500K. It has an internal battery that we can charge via the USB-C port. And, of course, its “docking” system is a typical fixture for a camera shoe or regular tripod thread.