The Best Addons for Kodi 2019 WORK! [Más de 65 Addons Gratis]

by Kelvin

If you are looking for Best Addons for Kodi of 2019 and thus be able play music, watch movies, series and videos You are in the right place since we are going to reveal it to you next. The liste includes the best addons to view content, but you can also find addons for record your favorite channels, browse the web, watch photos, run games and other outstanding functions.

The Best Addons for Kodi 2019 WORK! [Más de 65 Addons Gratis] 2


What are Kodi addons?

For all those who do not know what are the Addons, consist of extensions that allow us to enjoy the multimedia manager of Kodi. Currently we can find a wide variety of addons and all of them are usually free.

The Best Addons for Kodi 2019 (Updated May)

Techno TV

The first of the addons we want to mention is Techno TV one of the best Addons for Kodi 2019, through which to see all kinds of movies, series and many programs (most of the Latin market).


Surely as soon as you read the name of this other addon you know what we are referring to. Spotify corresponds to the addon for Kodi with which you can enjoy Spotify Premium completely Free, and thus be able to listen to music for free for hours.


Between the best Addons for Kodi We have tried lately, we also have to talk about Junior, an addon of children's content that especially has Disney series and movies.


Born from Peliscarta, which is a known leftover addon, is born now Alpha, an addon specialized in movies and series. You can find all the contents in both their original and dubbed languages.

Cinema World

Cinema World It is the perfect addon for those who are movie lovers. This addon includes many titles in Spanish also having sections on the curious facts of how the films that were included were filmed.

Maverick TV

We continue to see what are the Best Addons for Kodi 2019, and we have to recommend you as not, Maverick TV an addon that will allow us to see the best movies, TV series, and channels of entertainment, as well as documentaries, in addition to making us enjoy content from music, radio, and news.

TV Poplar

TV Poplar It is an addon for Kodi, which is popular for watching series, but also allows us to watch programs, movies and children's series, especially highlighting the one with a section dedicated to Dragon ball.

Movie theater

Movie theater, it's like its name indicates the addon to see all the cinema you want, if we take into account that it gives us access to more than 14,000 movies in original language or folded. Once downloaded and uploaded to Kodi, we will see how this addon organizes the titles it offers in genres, years, themes or countries and also in viewing format: SD or HD.

Proto IPTV

In order to see all the series and films, we also have the option of Proto IPTV, addon that includes all types sports content and programs of Latin American channels, as well as international channels.


As with Spotify, this is a well-known addon, although corresponds to the famous portal of YouTube, so you can see all its contents through Kodi, in addition to managing your account and also of course, see all the premium series that the portal has launched in recent months.

Wrestling On Demand

Wrestling On Demand It is an addon for Kodi that is perfect for all those of you who are fond of wrestling. Thanks to this addon you can see all the contents of the WWE counting on all the fights and several sections, although in English.

Xtreme Wilderness

Maybe the name of Xtreme Wilderness, not only if you are a nature lover but also because you belong to a famous channel of YouTube and from this we have this Addon for kodi focused on fauna and flora, which shows animal documentaries, as well as those that are extreme sports that also develop in full nature.

The current addons are formed in many cases from the collaboration of several people and that is precisely what happens with Which is also one of the best. An addon that offers us movies, series, programs as well as anime series, both in Spanish and in Latin.

X Games

X Games It is the Kodi Addon that is perfect for all of you who are extreme sports lovers, also inspired by the YoyTube channel of the same name. With this Addon you will be able to see all kinds of sports content, although you have to know that the vast majority of these, if not all, are broadcast on English.

Supermospy TV

Supermospy TV It is also one of the best Addons for Kodi 2019. An addon that allows us to see series, movies and sports, as well as concerts in Spanish and LatinWith this Addon we can also see news 24 hours a day and not only that, but also allows us to view content from Movistar from Spain, and contents of countries such as Uruguay and Argentina.


Bassfox It is another of the addons that we want to recommend and thus see series and films as well as programs and all in original language as well as in Latin language.


Palantir It is an addon for Kodi more than recommended. In your case, it has movies and series but in addition, it is especially recommended for those of you who want to see old series what watch and enjoy in SD and HD.


Music It is a recommended Addon for Kodi that offers us music videos all of them organized by genres, artists, music, and themes among others.


If you are a sports lover, we recommend you download for Kodi, Plexus, an Addon that includes specialized channels so you can watch all football matches from any league in languages ​​around the world.

Are you interested in football matches?




SportsDevil is another one Addon that we have to recommend you if you are Sport lover. To be able to see the contents you will need acestream or sopcast channels. The quality of viewing and sound however, is very good.

cCloud TV

cCloud TV It is an addon that we want to recommend you in a special way in case you like it watch satellite channels. An addon that we offers the main television networks without having to pay to be subscribed. cCloud TV is completely free and has many channels and content such as FilmOn, Sports, News, Documentary and many more. Its main asset is undoubtedly the live broadcasts, although we can also see content on demand.

Mr. Regio

Mr. Regio It is another of the Addons for Kodi that you cannot miss. In your case we find series, movies and programs, as well as specials dedicated to health, exercises, and children's contents. In your case, it is associated with other Addons that are the ones that give us access to view the contents.


Magellan, is an addon for Kodi that will allow you to find all the channels of the world, whether from countries like United States, or United Kingdom, as well as Portugal, France, Italy or Germany.


MagyckPi account between its contents with cinema, series and sports and in a special way, this is an addon that we want to recommend if you are lovers of F1 and the careers of MotoGP since you can also use it as video game emulator.

Playlist Loader

Playlist Loader It is the recommended addon for all those who are looking for all kinds of content. In your case, It has the IPTV M3U lists so that it will be easy for you to add all the lists you want and thus see any program and content infinitely.

Planet MMA

Planet MMA It is another of the addons that we want to recommend especially if you are lovers of fighting and wrestling. In addition, with this addon you can also see all the contents of the MMA and UFC in original language.

Disko Kosmiko

Disko Kosmiko born from the website of the same name, and in this case it is an addon dedicated to series and films as well as programs, and especially it will also serve to see many TV soaps.

Death streams

If you want to have access to cinema and quality series, we want to recommend the addon of Death streams, which offers its contents in the source language and also with different resolutions.

Bob Unleashed

Bob Unleashed, an Addon that is born from the work of several developers and that has a wide variety of content, both series, as movies or documentaries, all of them in English.


In Yankieflix is another addon that we want to recommend in case you are looking for series, movies and programs and without problems of understanding although everything that it offers can be seen in latin language.


Planet It is an addon that we want to recommend since it is one of the few Addons for Kodi that has been created for lovers of documentaries In this addon you can see informative content about such varied topics as science, history, animals, characters or curiosities.

Live Hub

With Live Hub is the addon for Kodi that will give you access to channels like Mobdro, Ustreamix, or Fluxu and also to all types of channels that arrive from the United States, Spain or Pakistan so if you want to find an Addon that allows you to watch content from all over the world, this is perhaps one of those that you can not miss.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is another of the best Addons for Kodi 2019. In your case, it will serve to see films in Spanish, as well as series, and children's programs. An expiration addon that allows you to see everything it offers in Full HD.


RS IPTV It is an addon for Kodi in which you will find mainly the famous IPTV lists, with many from Spain, which are also updated daily.

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising is another of the addons for Kodi that has been created especially for all those who are fond of cinema and series, and also have no problem seeing everything in its original language.

Proyeck Motors

Proyeck Motors It is one of the best Addon for Kodi if you are a motor lover. This addon allows us to see all the car races from several sections among which we have MotorGP, DMT Championship or FIA World Rallycross Championship.


Secret IPTV VIP, is an addon for international Kodi although we also have many contents in Spanish, which include, series, entertainment programs and children's spaces.


Explore It is another one of those addons that we recommend in a special way since it is dedicated to offer documentaries varied. An Addon for Kodi that classifies its contents from categories such as animals, history, society, religion or science and universe.


Atlantis It is an addon for Kodi that surely many of you will already know since it has been active for a long time, but that we want to continue recommending since it has many premiere series and movies.


Movies PR It is an addon for Kodi that offers its contents in English, Latin or Spanish either series, programs, children's spaces and also has a function karaoke.


Quasar It is a somewhat different addon to everything seen so far, since in your caseworks through torrent, so you can see countless contents. Anyway, the vast majority of those who use this addon usually focus on downloading movies and series to which we can also add subtitles if we want to.

Motors Replays

This is another Addon for Kodi that we want to recommend to everyone who loves sports. With Motors Replays you can see the best repetitions of races among which we have those of Moto GP, Moto 2, Moto 3, F1, GP2, and GP3.


Empire It is also a recommended addon for Kodi since in its case it works by multi-link and offers us the possibility to see both series like movies both in its original language and with subtitles.


Next, is an addon for Kodi that offers mostly music. This addon allows you to access the videos of more than 150 artists, organized by themes, styles or the artists themselves.

TV brain

Cerebro TV is another of the Addons for Kodi that we want to talk about since it allows us to have access to series, movies and content in general, as long as we access through the Mobdro list. The contents can also be seen, in Latin and Spanish.


Convener It is also one of the Addons for Kodi that yes or yes we have to recommend. This addon allows us the option to see movies with great image and sound quality.

Ultra IPTV

Ultra IPTV It is also of the Addons for kodi that we want to recommend. In your case it offers Live TV channels that broadcast from the UK, USA USA, Canada and India And best of all, it has incredible sound quality as well as image. With this Addon you can watch a wide list of live TV channels, which also load very fast.

RaceTV Turbo

In this our list of the best Addons for Kodi we also had to mention you as not, to RaceTV Turbo, Addon through which we will be able to see all kinds of broadcast content From puerto rico, so we can watch channels in both English, Spanish or Latin.


Smallland It is another one of the few children's Addon for Kodi that we found, like the aforementioned Junior, so we had to recommend it. In your case, we will find series of drawings and children's programs in Spanish, and of course, in English.


If you want to be able to see United States series, movies and channels, we have to recommend the Addon of how Survivor, an Addon dedicated to these contents and also, with very good image and sound quality.

Golden Latino

Golden Latino, is an addon for Kodi which focuses its contents mainly on Latin and Castilian programs, and also includes series and movies, as well as soap operas and religious content.


Tinklepad, is another of the addons for Kodi 2019 that allows you to see movies and television shows which come from a single unofficial transmission site. In addition, this is an Addon that we can install from the Colosal repository.

SJ Justice

SJ Justice It is a very special addon since it is dedicated to all of you who are fond of superheroes. An Addon that allows us to find all kinds of content dedicated to the heroes of Marvel, DC, Capcom through movies, drawings and reports.


Oculus It is an addon that offers its contents to an exquisite quality 8 categories, among which we can find movies, television shows, networks, actors, production, IPTV channels and Oculus settings.

Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports It is as its name indicates, an Addon for Kodi dedicated to extreme sports, among which we have Red bull, drag racing, bodyboarding, rally x, free climbing, ice speedway, motor x, nascar, snowboarding, among others.

HD Movies Trailers

If you like movies, you can't miss the addon of HD Movie Trailers, that curiously allows us to be able to all movie trailers, whether new or movies that have been released a long time ago.

Grub Hub

Grub Hub It is a cooking channel of YouTube quite popular but now you also have it through your Addon for Kodi, so you will have access to its thousands of recipes, although all of them in English.


RT is the addon for Kodi that is part of the RT (Russia Today News), so through this addon you can find out everything that happens in Russia and in the world 24 hours a day.


Festa It is the ideal Kodi Addon to organize a party, although among its contents we have karaoke with the lyrics, and music and of course, song lists.

Children's World

Children's World, It is one of the best addons for Kodi if you are looking for contents for children, among which we can highlight Peppa Pig or Sesame Street, and all this taken from playlists of YouTube.

Colombia TV

Colombia TV, it is a channel that is born in a special way so that it is seen through the Kodi addons, but it is also also in your case we have to say that it concentrates the best channels of Colombia. Thanks to this Addon you will have access to all the contents of the channel with great image quality.


Quantum born in a renewed way from the Addon Sanctuary which was very popular but disappeared long ago. In your case it allows us to see TV shows and movies on demand in the original language and completely free of charge.


tvOne, is an addon for Kodi that gives us access to countless international content also having Spanish channels and those that include Latin channels.

Not sure

Not Sure is a recommended addon for all those of you who want to see the contents in their original language. Among what it offers we will find movies, music, live shows, sports, series and children's series.


MMA It is another addon for Kodi to recommend. In your specific case, search the Internet for websites that issue mixed martial arts so that if you want to be able to see some combat, you write it through the Addon search engine and once found it issues it to us.

The loop

The loop, is the Addon for Kodi that arises from another well-known addon: BOB Kodi, which closed a while ago. This addon will allow you to access sports broadcasts from various sources.

Fitness zone

Fitness zone It is an addon for Kodi, with which we will be able to get fit. Offers cardio videos as well as general workouts, and also shows us recipes with the healthiest ingredients.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy, is the last Kodi Addons that we want to offer, which has been created by Microsoft so you can see all kinds of workshops and guides About this company

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