The best Apple Watch app for cooking and kitchen assistance

The best Apple Watch app for cooking and kitchen assistance 1

You can find some great kitchen apps for Apple TV and iOS. It may help you learn cooking skills, find delicious recipes, or allow you to further explore the world of cooking.

In Apple WatchThese types of applications can be very useful because they are on your wrist. Unfortunately, they are not as abundant as they were before. So if you have been searching for the best application for Apple Watch to help you prepare for cooking, then this list is for you.


BigOven is active Apple Watch

Big oven lights up Apple Watch provides you with a recipe shopping list that you can find in your iPhone app. This is a great way to make sure you get everything you need from the store for delicious dishes or dishes you prepare.

  • Available: iPhone, iPad, Apple WatchAndroid, Windows, Kindle Fire and the web
  • The cost: Free with an in-app subscription option that gives you special recipe folders, meal plan syncing, ad removal, and more

Kitchen history

Active history of cooking Apple Watch

If you like cooking stories on your blog Apple TV then you will like it on the iPhone and Apple Watch Also, add a list of recipe ingredients to the in-app shopping list and then access it on your wrist when it's on the market.

  • Available: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Android, Amazon device and web
  • The cost: Free with an in-app subscription option for additional recipes


HelloFresh is active Apple Watch

HelloFresh offers something different Apple Watch than any other app here. After choosing a recipe on your iPhone and starting to cook, you can use your watch to explore the steps of the recipe on your mobile device. This gives you an easier way to continue cooking along with the instructions.

  • Available: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watchy Android
  • The cost: Free

Vegetarian weekend

Veggie Weekend is active Apple Watch

If you are a vegetarian or just appreciate delicious vegetables, you will love Veggie Weekend for delicious recipes. Choose a recipe on the iPhone, then look at the ingredients and manage the timer on your wrist as you prepare the dishes.

  • Available: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
  • The cost: Free with in-app purchases for additional recipes

Wrap this up Apple Watch cooking assistance application

Too bad the App Store has no more Apple Watch Cooking app. Being able to track and follow recipes on your wrist would be ideal. But for now, this app can still help you in the kitchen.

For a list of other apps, see our “Best of” app for Apple Watch.

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