The best applications to recover data on macOS and iOS

by Kelvin
The best applications to recover data on macOS and iOS

Losing data stored on our Mac or external drives is always unpleasant. Sometimes it happens due to physical failures and we can do little to recover them. At other times it is usually an involuntary deletion and we can do something, or at least try. If you deleted a file by mistake here they go the best tools for data recovery in macOS.

Data recovery in macOS

Many of the applications we use every day have begun to take advantage of the benefits of cloud storage. Two of the most important are greater security and the option to recover them without resorting to third-party applications. Because normally despite erasing them, they usually remain 30 days until the final elimination.


But in the case of not having such options, in the situation of having deleted or formatted a drive by mistake, we can always resort to data recovery applications. During all these years I have been able and needed to try several. The following are the ones that have offered me the best results.

With these applications you can try to recover that valuable data that was deleted from your Mac

Before remember that if you have deleted a file or formatted a drive it is important not to rewrite any data. If we do, the chances of recovery will be reduced, although not doing so does not guarantee 100% success.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Scan Completed

Mac Data Recovery It is an application developed by Stellar capable of recovering documents, photographs, music or videos in partitions with HFS +, FAT, ExFat and NTFS file systems.

This is the application that I have used the most times. Depending on the unit and its capacity, the analysis will be more or less slow but with patience the success rate is high. Recovering photos I have achieved good results, being able to even locate RAW files. But forget that it does not promise 100% effectiveness, because sometimes the files will recover corrupt or directly will not be located.

Download | Mac Data Recovery ($ 99)

Disk Drill 3

Disk Drill

About Disk Drill 3 we already talk here at Applesfera. This application together with a number of additional options, some available in the free version and others only through the payment option (€ 89) such as data recovery, allows us to recover deleted files. All through a very simple user interface.

Although if the additional options do not interest you, you have Disk Drill Media Recovery It only costs € 43.9 on the Mac App Store.

Download | Disk Drill Media Recovery

Data Rescue 5

Dr5 Pro Crop

Data Rescue is another popular application for data recovery. Available for both Mac and Windows My experience with her is less but in some tests performed the results were satisfactory.

With additional options such as cloning drives or creating a recovery drive, Data Rescue is another alternative to consider if you have the need to recover deleted files.

Download | Data Rescue 5 (€ 99)

WonderShare Data Recovery


Data recovery It is the last of the recommended utilities for recovering deleted files. Here we have a subscription payment model, the price for lifetime updates is $ 89.95. We also have a trial version with which to see if it is able to find those files that interest us. And if the result is positive then pay to unlock the functions and be able to save the data in a new location.

Download | Wondershare Data Recovery

Bonus extra: recover deleted files from iPhone or iPad


In the same way as with macOS, iOS applications and the use of cloud services facilitate data recovery. But if for some reason we have deleted some data, especially photographs, of the local storage of the device there are also apps that will try to help us recover them.

With these apps we can also recover data stored in locan within our iOS devices

Without much experience due to lack of need, the two most recommended applications to try recover deleted files on iOS are:

The operation of both is very similar if not identical. They are installed on our Mac or PC Windows, connect the device via USB to the computer and go. Following the indications of its interface we can see all the recovery options it offers. Which go beyond photos and also serve to retrieve messages or other data.

I hope it is useful to you all is information and any doubt, suggestion or experience that you have had on this subject you already know that you can share it in comments. So we can all continue learning about iOS, macOS and the devices of Apple.

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