The best apps for vegans you can have on your smartphone

by Kelvin
Apps for Vegans

If you have decided to be vegan and you don't know where to start, your phone helps you with almost everything and this was not going to be the exception. There are applications for vegans that will help you find recipes, discover brands you can use, find a restaurant that serves this type of food. Any doubts you may have can be resolved and you can have everything on your mobile phone without complications.


Today we show you some very interesting applications what can you install in your smartphones. The best apps for free vegans that will help you.

Apt Vegan

One of the most interesting applications to make the purchase is Apt Vegan since you can see up to 24 different supermarket chains and know what you can or cannot buy. You can prepare the shopping list, knowing which products are vegan or which are not, without having to go reading labels or looking for them there. Simply access the application, look at the supermarket you are going to and find what you are looking for.

Will also allow you add products to your favorites list to always know what you can eat and what not and always have them at hand. A very useful and recommended application if you want to go shopping takes much less time.

Download Apto Vegan | Download for iOS

Apt Vegan

Happy Cow Free

If the hardest thing about being vegan is go out to eat with your friends, it's over. Happy Cow Free is a very interesting application and available in 180 countries (it will also help you if you travel) that allows you to find restaurants with vegan or vegetarian options. Its operation is very basic and you just have to activate the filters and choose the place you want on the map. You will find cafes, restaurants, patisseries and all kinds of establishments you want. It is very useful and you will see photographs, opinions, schedules or even call the restaurant from the application itself if you need to reserve a table or answer any questions.

Download Happy Cow Free | Download for iOS

Happy Cow Free

Quit meat

If you do not know whether or not to be vegan, this application will help you decide. You can save the planet and Quit Meat Gamify what you do and help you to become aware. Each day you will be able to register and see how it affects the planet, how many animals you have saved, etc. You can also see very attractive graphics how many days have you been without eating meat, how many days have you been without eating milk, etc. It is a very interesting application that will help you become aware and convince you.

Download Quit Meat


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