The best apps to Download Free Music in 2019

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The best apps to Download Free Music in 2019

Today we are going to see something a little different, apps to download free music on Android, iPad and iPhone. One of the things you can do to hang out is listen to music online or download music to your iPhone or Android, it is one of my hobbies, so today I would like to share with you the best ways there are.

To be honest, I haven't tried another app to download music other than Spotify for a while.

If you have one Cheap Chinese tablet with Android or a smartphone You need to download Google Play Store to use some of the following applications.

By the way, apart from these applications, if you want to download free music, especially music for video games, I recommend the website of Patrick de Arteaga, uncle is a real crack.

Best Apps to download free music on Android

Tinytunes – App to download free music on Android

One of the best apps to download free music, it has an extensive gallery. In total it has more than one million songs, where you will surely find your favorites.


Each song you can get with the Mp3 format to play it on any device, be it your computer or your mobile. Listen to them wherever you want!

In addition, it has a quite interactive interface, which allows you to perform the searches you want.

It also has a sound player, serious effect H.D equalizers, surround sound and more.

The best apps to Download Free Music in 2019 1

In addition to the above, it offers the user the possibility to search for songs on the SoundCloud music site and download speed per file is very fastIn less than 20 seconds you will have your favorite song.

Download Tiny Tunes.


The competition of Spotify and with the appeal that allows you to listen to music without the need for a data connection Thanks to its offline mode.

applications to download free music

For this, all you have to do is save the playlists or songs you want to keep and then when you deactivate the data or the Internet connection, you can activate the offline mode and enjoy your favorite music offline since you can see all the mp3 music downloaded previously and you can listen to it in the player it incorporates.

In addition Deezer has an interesting option for all music lovers, allows indicate with two buttons if you like or dislike a song, in the best style Facebook.

and then offer personalized recommendations according to the choice you have made, you can always see the music that you will surely like the most.

A good alternative if you like it Discover new music.

Deezer has more than 35 million songs, it is not a catalog as extensive as Spotify but it is a real bestiality, you have to listen to songs from your mobile for several lives.

Download Link

Applications to download music on Iphone

Apple Music

This app to download music on iphone is compatible with iOS, and although it is paid, you have 3 months to use it for free And once the 3-month trial has passed, you can continue using this music app for the iPhone, Mac or Ipad for free but with limited features.

You can download music to your device Apple as long as you have the active subscription, the truth is that if you like music a lot it is worth paying a subscription in Apple music or on Spotify.

In 2019 it is also available for Android.

Download Link of Apple Music for Android.


This iphone application to download music is a classic, with this app you can listen to free music on Iphone, in exchange for swallowing an advertisement from time to time.

app to download music

Spotify It also has a premium service for 9.95, which among other advantages, you will not have advertising and you can download the songs on your Iphone to listen offline.

And you can pay a family fee of 14.95 per month that you can use 6 different accounts.

You can have the Free premium service for three months.

More than 30 million songs in his catalog, he currently has more songs than Apple Music

It is my application to download music on favorite iphone.

FM Radio Spain

This application already has a lot of users, with this free app you can listen to more than 2,000 stations

It also has a Pro version without advertising and with more international radios.

It is not an application to download free music, but if you can with this app listen to free music from an iPhone, tablet or Android.

application to download free music

Apps to listen to music on Android

There are practically the same apps to listen to music both on iOS and Android.

Even Apple Music is also available on Android.

One of the applications that I will talk about that I have not included is Google play music, although it is also available for Iphone and Ipad in the Apple Store

Google Play Music

Very similar to spotify, and apple music, you have more than 35 million songs available.

It has a paid subscription with which you will not listen to advertising and you can download music on your Iphone or Android to be able to listen to it when you do not have an internet connection.

It costs € 9.99 per month, You can try it one month for free.

The only one that lets you try for 3 months for free is Apple music and Spotify, the rest of applications of this type only allow you a free month.

Google Play Music also has a free plan where you will hear advertising from time to time, similar to spotify.

And which one do you prefer? Google play music, spotify, napster or Apple music

best application to download music

Download MP3 Music

Your favorite music can be on your mobile with this application, which allows you to download all the songs you want at no cost.

It is perfect for all those people who always look for new sounds and artists.

All the songs that we download through the application will be in Mp3 format.

In addition, the same application brings a player so you can listen to your favorite songs there.

Like most applications to download free music, one of the disadvantages of this app is that have a little publicity which affects usability somewhat.

However, it is worth it, since you can find and download your favorite music without much trouble.

Download Mp3 Music Download.

One of the best known music specialized websites around the world.

It contains a lot of material, including video clips of the most popular artists of the moment.

In addition, it contains all the information about the world of the most complete music on the Internet, which will always allow you to be informed of the latest things happening with your favorite artists.

Enter our top application to download free music, because it has an mp3 music download system. However, it is not the songs of the moment that can be downloaded, but that of artists who want to make their work known.

It also has the disadvantage that it does not contain a search engine within the download part, therefore, you will have to go searching song by song for the material you want to download.

Although it is not one of the best apps to download free music, it can be a good option if you want to discover new songs with incredible styles.



Yes now! With these applications to download free music, you can take your favorite songs everywhere, without needing to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Listen whenever and wherever you want your favorite music without paying anything.

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