The best apps to download free music

by Kelvin
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Whether you want download free music or music without streaming, there are many options. But they are not all the same and above all they are not all legal!

Until the beginning of 2000 to find free music to download you had to use programs like Napster, eMule, Torrent.


In most cases it was pirate music, that is, music was downloaded in violation of copyright.

Very often the download of MP3 meant to take home a nice virus that blocked the PC.

Then, over the years, came smartphones, broadband connections and streaming and dozens and dozens of applications for download music in an absolutely legal way.

Or, rather, listen to it in streaming because most of these applications in the free version do not allow you save the song to your smartphone. Lately, there have even been applications to listen to music while doing a specific activity.

But today, then, how to download music for free or stream it without paying and without breaking the law?

We have selected some applications so you can download free music or transmit it but you have many other options in appsto

Here are the ones we have selected


Spotify is definitely the most popular application for music streaming, but the free version is full of advertising and the premium one is not really cheap.

There are Android applications to download songs for free, which allow you to download music for free and listen to it at any time, even without connection, without stress or additional costs.


4Shared Music offers a huge music library available for free. A perfect application to find great classics, songs that are no longer protected by copyright and songs by lesser-known artists or emerging bands.


Google Play Musicon the other hand it is the perfect application for the most demanding. The Google version of Spotify offers many useful services in one click: media player, Streaming On-Demand and music store.


Deezer is an application, translated into 5 different languages, which offers music content on demand. It has a huge amount of songs, about 30 million, and a community of more than 3 million subscribers.

With Deezer Music you have access to radio stations, podcasts, concerts and shows from around the world.


Another very interesting program, 4k YouTube to MP3 is a free software that allows us download videos from YouTube and convert them to music in MP3 format of good quality.

The interface is not yet available in Italian, but its use is very simple: just copy the URL of the video from YouTube from which to extract the music, go to the main program window and click on the Paste URL button. 4k YouTube to MP3 will start downloading and converting the indicated video into an MP3 file.


It is a free music download program that is structured with a fairly Spartan interface but very simple to use, which Search and download music from various sources online without having to resort to P2P or long lines.

Its file is composed of more than 100 million songs in MP3 format of all types and quality to download at maximum speed. Music2PC is a program that we can download directly from here.

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