The Best Apps to Download YouTube Videos in 2019

by Kelvin
The 16 Best Smart TV Apps of 2019

YouTube It is undoubtedly one of the largest entertainment portals on the planet, so it is visited by millions of people daily to watch their favorite videos or also to listen to music.

Today we will discover how download YouTube videos on Android. And if you want you can learn to download videos from Iphone or extract audio from YouTube videos with VidToMp3.


The only drawback of this type of online applications is that they depend entirely on an Internet connection to work, without it they have little functionality, since they do not allow downloading videos, although this is gradually changing.

Currently YouTube in its payment model, that is to say paying a certain amount of money, allows to keep the videos loaded in the cache to be able to access them offline, model that other applications like Spotify follow, but still do not allow the download of the content As such, to use the same on any device.

Thanks to independent developers we can havePlications that allow you to download YouTube videos on Android, Let's review the most important in this article.

First of all it is important to clarify that these types of applications are not in the Play Store, for obvious reasons, YouTube is from Google and does not want people to download videos from YouTube so easy, but you can easily get it in a Google search and searching for the corresponding .apk file.

The 5 Best Apps to download YouTube videos on Android


This application It was one of the first applications that allowed users to download videos from YouTube, has its years in the market and the main developers have given up their development.

However, other group of programmers have decided to retake the project and improve it, obtaining an easy-to-use application and with the Material Desing interface, which gave a bit more life to an app that had been forgotten.

The Best Apps to Download YouTube Videos in 2019 2

download free youtube videos

The use of the application is very comfortable, It has a browser that allows us to search for the song we want and it will show all the videos that YouTube gives us through thumbnails, by clicking on the one that interests us we can download it.

Remember to enable the installation of applications from unknown sources.

Download the latest version here in this link.


Without doubt one of the most complete applications to download videos from YouTube on Android

Although not only good for YouTube, It also supports downloading from other sites such as Facebook, Came, Instagram o Dailymotion.

download the videos from youtube

The operation is similar to the other apps, it has an integrated browser that allows us to enter the site we want, be it Facebook, Youtube or Vine for example and in each video that exists the same program will give us the option to select it and in this way download it without problems.

Very useful if in addition to YouTube you use Facebook to watch videos, with how popular this social network is in terms of hosting viral videos.

The application download is done from the official site.


Videoder is one of the simplest in the range of such applications to download YouTube videos on Android. Simplicity does not always coincide with ease of use but when it does it is a great combination, this is the case with Videoder.

Mode of use it's very intuitive, when entering the application you will see a screen with two tabs, one to search the videos and another to download the videos.

The application allows you to select the videos you want to download creating a download list, which means we can download multiple audio and video files at the same time.

how can i download videos from youtube

The only disadvantage or advantage as it is seen, is that The same application does not allow playback of videos, that is, it does not help us if our purpose is to download the videos and use the application as a player.

The use of the application is aimed at users who want to download their videos to play them on other devices.

Download it from the official site.


This is another of the alternatives that exist in the application market to download videos from YouTube Android and that you will especially like free software lovers, since it is an application that can be found in the free application repository F-Droid, having access to its source code, which provides an important degree of reliability compared to other alternatives.

NewPipe not only allows you to download videos, but also It works like a media player, which means that you can use it as a replacement for the official application for example, with the clear advantage that it allows you to download and store YouTube videos.

app download music from youtube

One of the advantages of free software is that it brings technology to all people regardless of their economic capacity and it is demonstrated with this app that it can be a clear replacement to the payment service of YouTube, YoutubeRED.

Download NewPipe from this link.

YouTube Downloader – My favorite to download YouTube Android videos

Application that belongs to the developers of the XDADevelopers group. These guys are part of one of the largest communities in terms of developing customizations for the Android operating system, such as ROMs and other applications with different purposes, such as this one.

Youtube Downloader has an interface maybe a bit more complicated to use than other apps of this type, but the operation is similar with some peculiarities.

This application allows you to download videos on Android in two different ways, the first one is from the official YouTube application let's say, click on share and the program will automatically activate and show us the download options.

LAnother way to download videos on Android from YouTube is to use the same application, which has a tab that allows us to search and preview the video that interests us, then in the right column we can filter by file type to view and download only the one that interests us.

Download from this link.

This has been our compilation of the best applications to download videos from YouTube Android, and of course, if you know any more, share it with us.

And by the way, remember that this type of applications consume a lot of bandwidth in your data connection, so it is best to make your downloads from a WiFi connection, and if the Wi-Fi is free better ????

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