The best cell photography accessories [2019 Collection]

The best cell photography accessories [2019 Collection] 1

You can find all the best and most important accessories for cell photography through this guide. In just 10 years, the phone has become an important companion for our daily photography. While pocket cameras have long maintained this feature, our “smart” phones have seen their camera quality change from fair to good. So the effect in our overall experience is very strong: the device you always have, the device you remove every time is no longer a compact camera, but your phone. It is there, active, ready and connected.

However, not all cell phones are equivalent in photography and for each price category, some will be better than others, but to take better photos you can always get a photography accessory that adds to your mobile photography experience. With the overall improvement in the quality of mobile phone camera hardware, there is a huge stream of photography-based accessories that enrich the function of our phones, sometimes making them great tools for taking photos and videos.


Given the promise of the mobile device maker (clearer images, 4K videos, decent quality for professionals), the desire to post beautiful photos on social media affects more and more people. Do you want to make a video for YouTube Or simply to optimize the quality of your family photos, of course you need a good basic phone.

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The best accessory for cell photography

1 – Manfrotto BeFree Tripod

It doesn't have stability support like it does at Sony, for example with the Steady Shot function, our film camera has to rely on a good old tripod when shooting at low speed. You say there are chains at all prices, it's true! I only love you for a compact, strong and lightweight model that is designed to follow you on any terrain.

Manfrotto Befree is a model with a storage length of 40 cm and an extended position of 1 m 40 inches. This should be used with the largest amount of zoom not exceeding 200 / 300mm. It comes with a storage bag for your ballad and has a 3 level deployment system to quickly ensure perfect horizontal placement. In the opinion of your server, it is a good party for those who want to feel a long exposure in complete safety.

2 – Anker external battery

Best Cell Phone Photography Accessories (2019 Collection) 2

Then you can switch to an external battery if you're the type of person who does everything on your cell phone or wants to go on a wireless weekend. Depending on its use, pay attention to its size and capacity – having a strong tablet battery isn't useful if you just want to keep it all day taking lots of photos. For example, the Anker PowerCore + Mini 3350mAh external battery is the size of a lipstick. If you are looking for other models, be careful when choosing batteries with CE standards.

3 – Dji Osmo Mobile 2 Stabilizer

The best cell phone photography accessories (2019 Collection) 3

Take cinema-quality videos with your mobile device with Osmo Mobile 2 your phone becomes a smart camera, all your packages will look smooth, professional and ready to be shared. Record videos that are well done, use theme tracking, amazing weather tracks, or live webcasts. Osmo Mobile 2 very light, only 485 grams and autonomy now 15 an hour This is one of the best for mobile videography.

4 – Cell phone cover

The best cell phone photography accessories (2019 Collection) 4

The first accessory that comes to mind is the case, to protect our cell phones that, remember, are still very fragile and can easily end up on the floor, broken glass. It is difficult to recommend a silicone case or protection for your phone, but remember to try the protection if possible before buying, to give you an idea of ​​protection, especially the feeling in your pocket and hand. There is nothing worse than buying protection to find it with a protected cell phone, but it no longer fits in your pocket. In addition to protecting your cell phone, this case can also offer new possibilities: support during travel, shock and weather protection for sports use, or a waterproof cover for divers.

5 – Remote Control Shutter CamKix Wireless Camera

Best Cell Phone Photography Accessories (2019 Collection) 5

Enjoy every group photo with the kwmobile Bluetooth Camera Shutter. Practical triggers give you full control over the time of your photos, perfect for travel, souvenir videos, walks, weddings, parties, concerts, landscape photography, and more.

With all the amazing cell phones released over the past year, everyone has a camera in their pocket. The compromise that remains can be overcome with many of the devices mentioned here. Although some of them are expensive, it is much cheaper than buying a new pocket camera, and the results you will get will be almost as good.

Are we missing something? Tell me about your favorites in the comment section below!

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