The best Chrome extensions to improve Instagram on PC

by Kelvin
The best Chrome extensions to improve Instagram on PC

There is no doubt that the success of these online platforms we are talking about continues to grow. In addition to everything discussed, we can add that they can be used from almost any device, be it mobile or desktop. Well, as many of you already know, the people in charge of the various proposals of this type that we can rely on do not stop improving their projects. This is what they achieve based on the new features that come to them through renewal

The best Chrome extensions to improve Instagram on PC

How to get the most out of Instagram

Once we know all this, we will tell you that in these same lines we want to focus on one of the most widely used sentences of this type in the world, we refer to Instagram… It is a social network focused on using photos and videos Thus, its multimedia approach is undeniable. As we mentioned earlier, this platform continues to grow and improve in terms of its functionality, but this is not always enough.


Interphase Instagram

And as usual, users who usually use it all on a daily basis will always want to take one more step, and there will be no less of it here. We can always skip some of the features that we would like to find in these online services, as is the case Instagram… Well, here and now we’re going to give you a solution.

Specifically, we’ll talk about a series of extensions that we can install on the world’s most used browsers such as Google chrome As we will see, they will provide us with a number of additional features to make the most of the social network of photos. This is why, if you are regular customers, you might be interested in taking a look at the offers that we are going to present here.

Chrome extensions for use in Instagram

Extension for Instagram

This plugin that we will talk about here, which you can integrate into Chrome in a matter of seconds will definitely be very bright. This is because it offers us two useful features that can be seen as two of the big limitations. Instagram on the PC With that, we want to say that after installing this add-on we will be able to upload and download content from social networks straight from the browser to Windows

We can also use direct messages from here with a simple keyboard shortcut, quickly navigate between posts found on the wall, or use dark mode.

Notifier for Instagram

In case we are very diligent on the social network that we are talking about here, this extension will certainly be very helpful for you. And once installed, it is responsible for sending us notifications of new Instagram activities. Thus, we speed up access to the platform, since we do this only when there are materials of interest to us. It also offers us a number of keyboard shortcuts for accessing functions such as open in a pop-up window, notifications, or next post.

Work table for Instagram

This is another interesting proposition for this particular social platform that allows us, as we saw earlier, to upload and download content. Obviously we do it all from our own Google Internet browser, and we can also add comments to others’ posts, send and receive direct messages, and even download video content.

Developer: MaxDev

Work table for Instagram

With the explicit aim of improving our experience with the social networking site of photos, this extension that we’ll talk about was launched some time ago. Desktop for Instagram gives us the look Instagram mobile phone but on a PC. Thus, we achieve a better look and feel than we are used to in desktop environments.

This will allow us to upload content to the platform directly from here in order to be able to use the online service in full screen mode, play videos from others, or upload that content to the team’s discs.

Phone app for Instagram

If we are used to using this photo service from a mobile terminal when we are sitting in front of a computer, this version may seem a little strange to us. Therefore, we can choose to use the App Phone. This addition which shows us a social platform on a PC in much the same way as on mobile It also allows us to upload publications in the form of photos and videos in parallel, or upload our own content. At the same time, we can use direct messages from here.

IG app

What this plugin offers us is actually desktop client for Chrome, which simulates a mobile app. In parallel, as we saw in other offers of this type earlier, we can also upload photos from a computer Windows… So the extension makes a modification to the desktop version Instagram more like a mobile app This way, we will have a clean user interface and a clean mobile app style.

Desktop version Instagram

Mobile website access Instagram in a simple and convenient way, just like from a mobile phone, thanks to this third-party add-on. We can also do what the web version of the platform does not allow, for example, upload photos from your computer to a social network without any complications.

At the same time, we will be able to consult the publications of all those we follow, also without significantly reducing the productivity of the team. This is mainly due to the few system resources that the software consumes. In conclusion, the add-on also has support so that we can use the Stories of the social network.

Direct Messenger for Instagram

This is another alternative to get the most bang for your buck internet service, which in this case aims to allow us to read, receive and respond to our direct messages from the platform, all from the browser. This will give us the ability to communicate with our subscribers without having to do it from a mobile application. Also, it’s worth noting that the extension doesn’t open browser window, but uses messages for the popup instead.

Developer: GoodPR