The best covers at a good price to protect the Xiaomi Mi A3

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Maybe the Xiaomi Mi A3 I have not entered as well as the Mi A2 did, but we are still facing a terminal with good value for money. That it is an economic terminal does not mean that we should not protect it in the same way as a smartphone that costs 1,000 euros. Therefore, today we are going to recommend the best covers at a good price for the Xiaomi Mi A3.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is the natural successor of the Mi A2, or rather a Xiaomi CC9e al who have decided to call it Mi A3. More screen, more power, more battery and more cameras. In this way we could summarize the advantages of the Mi A3 over the Mi A2, although Xiaomi has reduced the screen quality to HD +. But HD +, FullHD + or QHD +, nobody likes the screen to break, therefore, today it's time protect the Mi A3 of bumps, scratches and other misfortunes you may suffer.

Transparent silicone case

Sometimes the simplest is usually the most appropriate. This case for the Xiaomi Mi A3 allows you to see the design of the terminal and is specially designed to protect sensitive terminal elements as your camera and has a hole for the fingerprint sensor. Its price is around 7 euros with shipping included.

Xiaomi Mi A3 transparent case

Buy transparent case for the Xiaomi Mi A3

Wallet type case

This wallet-style case is available in several colors and allows you to protect the Samsung Xiaomi Mi A3 while using its compartments to store money or credit cards. It also has a magnetic closure and is designed to resist all kinds of bumps and protect our mobile from falls and scratches. It does not reach ten euros and its shipping is free for Prime customers.

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Xiaomi Mi A3 wallet case

Buy wallet case for Xiaomi Mi A3 in Amazon

Armored sheath

One of the best options to protect our Mi A3 is a total protection housing. This case is designed so that our mobile resists any blow no matter how strong it is, since Protects all its elements, corners, screen and keypads. Its rear part has a ring to grab the mobile safely and that serves as support for viewing multimedia content. Its price is close to 11 euros and its shipping is also free for Prime customers of Amazon.

armored cover mi a3

Buy armored case for the Xiaomi Mi A3 in Amazon

Pack of five colored covers

If the transparent silicone is too boring for us, we can opt for this pack of five opaque silicone covers of multiple colors. They will arrive in Yellow, Red, Black, Purple, Tibetan Cyan. He Design is ultra-thin, soft to the touch and made of TPU. The edge is slightly raised to prevent both the camera and the screen from being hit in the event of a fall. The price of this pack of six units is 7.58 euros with free shipping included.

My A3 colored covers

Buy colored covers for the Xiaomi Mi A3 in Amazon

Anti-fall cover

Finally we leave you with this protective case so that nothing happened to our Mi A3. It is made of TPU + PC, that is, a combination of plastics that absorbs shock while protecting. It is dust resistant and has protection for the most sensitive elements of the mobile like the camera or the corners. Its price is around 9 euros.

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The best covers at a good price to protect the Xiaomi Mi A3 1

Buy anti-fall case for Xiaomi Mi A3 in Amazon

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