The best display on the market? Find it on Galaxy Note 10+

by Kelvin

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is convincing everyone: after being named DxOMark's best camera-phone in the world, it also stands on the podium as best display present on the market second DisplayMate. Moreover, Samsung holds the monopoly of OLED panels, it would be strange to the contrary.

According to DisplayMate, the screen has reached the level "Outstanding"In ben 13 parameters (Display Performance Records). To say, the panel has 0.4 JNCD, which means "Visually indistinguishable from the perfect" with regard to color accuracy, and reaches the 1,308 nits (new record and + 25% compared to Note 9).


Samsung has also implemented some interesting features, such as Precision Factory Display Calibration (which improves the absolute quality of the image and color accuracy), theAutomatic Color Management (which changes the color space based on the ICC profile request) and the Sub-Pixel Rendering (ie each sub-pixel is managed separately, not considering the RGB as a single pixel).

Finally, the panel also does good for the eyes: it was reduced the emission of blue light by 37.5% without compromising the color space. For this, Note 10+ got one TUV certification for the Eye Comfort with Reduced Blue Light.

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In short, in the end the vote given by DisplayMate to the panel of Note 10+ is A +. A great result for Samsung, which brings home a top of the range with anti flakes in all contexts. Would you like to read the complete analysis? You can find it here.

Via: SammobileSource: DisplayMate

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