The best free PDF editors for Windows 10 [2020]

The best free PDF editors for Windows 10 [2020] 3

Are you looking for a free PDF editor Windows 10 will users love? We know how difficult it can be to find free software, especially if you want it to be fully functional. Although it is difficult to find something of great value, a basic criterion for this list that we have prepared is this: best free PDF editor for Windows 10 Does it offer enough features to make it of value to the average user? From that perspective, you will be able to find quite a few that are to your liking. So, let's go straight to it.

1. Free PDF tools

Free and secure online PDF tools. No registration required


We have developed our own set of tools after dealing with many different annoyances and restrictions, both paid and free tools. For now, the tools we've made available are limited in scope, but span many different functionality, including

The tools work very simply. Upload, view the entire selected process and download your edited PDF.

Try TechJunkie tools

2. PDFescape

Online PDF editor with trial and premium desktop versions

  • Pictures and videos can be added
  • The forms are compatible
  • Only the online version is free; the free download is a trial version with limited functions
  • As a free PDF editor for Windows 10PDFescape offers the usual basics in its online version. The desktop version that you can download for free is the trial version of the premium desktop application, but the online version can handle most PDF editing needs.

    Although you cannot edit the text in a PDF document, there is a bleaching tool to mask the existing text. Then you can write about it using the Text function. You can also add images, links, and form fields, and the annotation tools are quite comprehensive: insert collation annotations (^), add sticky notes, add rectangular boxes, strikethrough, highlight and underline.

    One of the great features of this tool is the ability to create PDF form fields. Overall, it's not something that free PDF editors will offer. There are also some limited page management tools like rotate, reorder, crop, add and delete.

    Once you're done, simply save and download your edited PDF.

    Try PDFescape

    3. Smallpdf

    Online tool for basic PDF editing

  • Simple editing tools suitable for most generic tasks.
  • No standard annotation tools
  • Various other online tools available on the home page
  • Smallpdf is yet another pdf editor for windows 10 free for use and available online, and it covers all your basic PDF editing needs. The home page contains several modules, of which Edit PDF is one. The layout is very clean, and you only have four options once you load your PDF: Add Text, Add Image, Add Shape, and Draw.

    As with most other free online tools, you cannot edit existing text. However, draw a white box on it and you can add new text on top. However, the fonts are limited, so you may not get an exact match. Font sizes are also fixed rather than dynamically resizing.


    One drawback is that it lacks annotation tools like highlighting, underlining, and commenting. Most PDF editors also have proofing tools, but that's not the case here. It somehow reiterates the fact that when it comes to a PDF editor (Windows 10), free means limited.

    Once you are done, hit the Apply button and you will be asked to download the edited file.

    Try Smallpdf

    4. Sedja

    Free time-based PDF editor

  • Edit existing text – unusual for a free online service
  • Compatible forms (filling and creation)
  • Find and replace function for text elements
  • Sedja is free and online, but offers a unique offer to users: documents can only be worked for up to five hours, after which they are automatically removed from servers. It's a sustainable way to save server space and keep the service free, and it offers a desktop version for added security.

    The best free PDF editors for Windows 10 [2020] 4

    Sedja is one of the few free online PDF editors that lets you edit existing text instead of deleting and overwriting it, though the bleaching option is there, too. Form filling and form creation are supported, and there is a basic set of annotation tools that give you many color options. There's also a handy Find and Replace feature that's great for changing words and phrases that are used more than once.

    The editor is easy to use and highly intuitive with a really smooth interface. Just load or drag and drop your document onto the interface, make your edits and hit Apply to save your file. The limit is 50MB or 200 pages, and one drawback is that you can only do three tasks per hour. But it's good enough for anything except bulk jobs or very large documents, for which a paid option might be better anyway.

    Try Sedja

    5. Nitro Pro

    14-day free trial with no limitations

  • Ideal for testing premium features without buying
  • Full functionality during the free trial period
  • One of the most popular PDF editors for Windows 10 around
  • The trial version of Nitro Pro is not limited in any way, except for the duration: 2 weeks. During that time, it will have full functionality on all fronts, including editing. After the trial period, however, it will become what the company calls an "expired trial."

    The best free PDF editors for Windows 10 [2020] 5

    During the trial period, you have a complete set of creation, editing, forms, annotation, conversion, electronic signature and other tools. Editing in Nitro Pro is very simple and very accurate when it comes to changing the layout (adding text, images, etc.) without altering the entire document or page.

    The only problem is that the "test expired" is a basic PDF reader. You can still make basic edits and annotations, so it works if you agree to that kind of limited functionality. Nitro Pro is one of the leading PDF editors for Windows (There is no Mac version yet), so maybe a sample of the free trial version could prompt you to get a license after 14 days. But while it's free, it's great!

    Try Nitro Pro


    PDF editors for Windows The 10 shown above are robust tools in their own right. The decision to use one over the other depends on its type and frequency of use, and the type of volume you are working with. In general, downloadable software is more secure because it does not upload files to a third-party server, which may or may not be as secure as promised. In addition, there is also usually a size or page limit with such services. So it is important that you first find out how you will use the tool or service. Once you have that, making a choice is relatively easy.

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