The best free video games you can play right now

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The best free video games you can play right now

With hundreds of free games to choose from, you may never have to spend a small fortune to destroy invading aliens and mythological enemies, or face a battle with any opponent that gets in your way. Currently, the "free" category does not indicate that the quality of the video game is low, and there are many titles that deliver complete adventures without asking you a single penny. Here we will show you some of the best free video games available right now, both for consoles and computers, and for phones and tablets.

Have fun!

Of action


Combine the aesthetics of science fiction games like Mass effect Y Halo With fighting inspired by martial arts this video game results. It is one of the most impressive action video games and you can play it on both consoles and computers. It was launched in 2013 and since then its player base has increased every year (more than 26 million people have played it).

Warframe It also includes customization options, which allows you to modify your weapons and armor. You even have access to a personal spaceship that you can use as a base between missions.

World of Tanks

best free video games

Games have been created spin-off focused on fierce naval and air battles, but nothing can overcome the intense war that is offered in the World of Tanks original. With the battleships destroyers of the United States, England, Germany, China, France and the Soviet Union (among other nations), the multiplayer fighting of World of Tanks They are absolutely massive, with a team constantly fighting to gain long-term tactical positions over others when they shoot, as well as flanking your enemies and protecting your allies. The tanks also have (approximately) a dozen different armored plates, each with its own level of protection against enemy fire.

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For those willing to risk their skin a little more, the "self-propelled cannon" class will allow you to eliminate a lot of enemies … as long as they don't see you and send them to hell first. A detailed guide, available on the official website of the game, will help you get started with your first tank of any of the available classes, and offers you some additional tips to keep your tank intact during your first games. Once you feel comfortable in combat, you can join a team and try to take control of the “global map,” which will not only entitle you to bluff, but also other special vehicles and various rewards.

World of warships

The best free video games you can play right now 1

World of Tanks related with naval combat is a precise description of World of warships. With four types of ships (cruise ships, battleships, destroyers and aircraft carriers) and multiple game modes, World of warships It is a strategic simulator of open water combat with extensive customization options.

Whether you're playing PvE Operations mode or facing a real opponent in PvP, World of warships It should satisfy anyone looking for a great naval combat.

It is available for PC. Also, if you are not a fan of naval fighting or tanks, you may see World of warplanes Another free quality combat simulator that takes players to the sky.

War thunder

The best free video games you can play right now 2

Set during World War II, this combat-oriented flight simulator allows players to enter the cockpit of planes from five world powers.

That is, if you are looking for a serious simulation in which controlling a plane is a complicated task, you can do it in War thunder.

What's more, once you have enough confidence with your skills, you can compete in epic fights or goal-based missions.

And although airplanes are the protagonists in this case, War thunder It also has vehicles and anti-aircraft tanks. And as in a free game, many of the planes and advantages are locked behind some payment walls. However, you can unlock new content without losing a penny, although it will take longer.

Let it die

The best free video games you can play right now 3

From Grasshopper Manufacture, Let it die it is one of the most games hardcore in this list.

It's a game of hack-and-slash exhausting with a premise as strange as one might expect from the development study behind the series No More Heroes.

It's 2026 and Tokyo has split. A tower has risen from the depths of the ocean and the game forces you to head to the tower to discover what's on top.

What follows is an addictive, but challenging, tower race, fighting floor after floor with evil creatures and enemies.

When you die, and you will, your game data will be shared with other players, adding them to your games as enemies (and vice versa).

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