The best laptop cooling base on the market

by Kelvin
Лучшая основа для охлаждения ноутбука на рынке

Considering the small size of laptops, it is quite common that their cooling system is insufficient. This results in thermal throttling, a protection system by which the processor degrades its performance to maintain operating temperature without compromising its integrity. In addition, the higher the temperature, the more noise the laptop fans will generate, which can completely ruin the user experience, and even more if used for games.

The best laptop cooling base on the market

Why do you need a cooling base?

Laptops (and many others designed for gaming) are equipped with fairly powerful hardware to provide excellent performance. performance And while we don’t like it, it almost always results in more heat generation than, as we mentioned, cooling systems that laptops usually cannot dissipate properly, and this is especially true in the summer when the heat is most pressing.


Compared to desktop PC hardware, this forces laptop hardware to constantly operate at high temperatures, which reduces its durability and performance many times over, and also makes the user experience not the best for their fans who are rumbling with aircraft turbines.

A good cooling base helps significantly reduce the operating temperature of the laptop as it forces air in or out through the vents, promoting better airflow, which is also generated by much larger fans that are quieter than those carried by the laptop.

In short, a cooling base can help improve laptop performance by avoiding thermal throttling , this will increase its service life by forcing it to work at a higher temperature, and reduce noise of all (although it seems to be the opposite as we add more fans), since the laptop’s built-in fans won’t have to run as fast.

Does it seem small to you? Well, a cooling base can help you too improve ergonomics as most of them have hinges to raise the laptop’s position and thus improve posture, and in addition to that, many of them improve connectivity as in many cases they even include hubs. USB ports

What characteristics to look for in a refrigerator stand?

The best laptop cooling base on the market 2

In general, there are two main characteristics that you should look out for when buying a new cooling base for your laptop: the first is the location of the fan or fans, as some cooling bases only include one large fan. size, but many others contain up to nine fans. To improve the thermal performance of your computer, you must ensure that fan position matches the ventilation slots of the laptop.

The second thing to consider is the rotational speed of the fans, because the smaller they are, the more noise they make. Fewer fans are desirable, but larger, but in any case it is better to have at least manual speed control so that you can choose the best balance between performance and noise.

Finally, we would recommend getting a height-adjustable cooling pad, with the rests down to prevent the laptop from slipping, and if it has additional USB ports, this is always a plus to consider as the connectivity of many laptops is sometimes thrown in the eyes with their absence.

The best refrigeration bases on the market

Next, we will tell you, taking into account what has been said in the previous sections, which of the best laptop cooling bases you can buy, always, of course, from our point of view.

KLIM Mistral, the most powerful and efficient

KLIM Mistral

The fact that this cooling base has two blower type fans that rotate at a maximum speed of 4,500 rpm already makes it one of the most powerful on the market, but the secret of its high performance is not that, but that they do it. generating more and more airflow that will cover the entire underside of the laptop. Air enters from the rear and is distributed over the entire surface through the two vents you see in the image.

In addition to this, the unit has perimeter RGB lighting, height adjustment and of course three adjustable speeds via the bottom button panel to be able to select the desired working speed.

KLIM Airflow, performance and silence

KLIM Airflow

This cooling base uses the same principle as the previous one, although of course to a lesser extent, and therefore its performance is lower. In turn, it only has a blower type fan that rotates at 2500 rpm and is much quieter, providing very good performance but low noise.

Like the previous one, it also has a height adjustment (with two extendable legs), but it lacks lighting; for its part, instead of choosing several preset speeds, it has an analog wheel that allows you to manually change the fan speed.

Trust Gaming GXT 278 for your gaming laptop

Trust Gaming GXT 278

This Trust Cooler Base has a gaming design that will fit almost any computer. It has four very quiet 120mm fans with red, blue or green lighting, which are of course adjustable via the analog wheels located in the back. It also has a height adjustment to make it more comfortable for you to play with your gaming laptop.

NGS GCX-400, cheapest cooling base


This refrigerator holder is one of the cheapest you can find, while always keeping the minimum quality. It consists of five fans, one of which is large and the other four are smaller, it has a hinge to change its height and of course, the rotational speed is adjustable (in fact, it has a small LCD display that shows the selected profile) … It has blue LED backlighting but is also available in other colors.

Cooler Master NotePal U2 Plus, elegant and silent

Cooler Master NotePal U2 Plus

If you don’t want the frills but still want to improve laptop cooling, this base has two 80mm fans that you can easily move around the rack to adapt to where your laptop has racks. With its minimalist design and fixed posture, this is one of the most elegant bases you can find, perfect for use in a work environment.

Mbuynow, for those looking for more than just a cooling base


Finally, if you’re looking for something beyond a simple cooling base, this product literally sits in front of a cooling table with a large 200mm fan in the center and a separate support on the right side that serves to mount the mouse. Obviously, this is not a table that can be placed on the floor, but the ability to use the laptop, for example, in bed or on the couch.

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