the best of Alexa on an 8-inch screen

by Kelvin
Amazon Echo Show 8

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So far we had 2 models of Amazon Echo Show: the 5-inch model, the Echo Show 5 and the 10.1-inch model. These two devices bring the best of Alexa to the panorama of the screens, something very similar to what it does Facebook with Portal.

Now Amazon has presented what is the renewal of its first model, the Amazon Echo Show 5 (which we have analysis to take a look at) with a larger panel: he Amazon Echo Show 8.


This device is essentially an intermediate version that offers a more balanced option for those who do not want a small model such as Show 5 or a larger screen, such as Show 10.1. This will be seen in the price, which has a cost of 129 dollars, Something intermediate between the other 2 models.

He Amazon Echo Show 8 is the alternative for those who want something neither too big nor too small

The Show 8 is basically a renewal of the Show 5 with a larger screen, specifically an 8-inch HD panel that also includes a tab with which we can cover the camera. This will satisfy the privacy concerns that afflict many from the privacy scandals that have harassed Amazon or to Google.

Some of the software news that this brings Amazon Echo Show 8 are a couple of additional Alexa commands, such as The group video call. If we ask, Alexa will start a group call with family members who have a Amazon Echo Show, something useful if everyone has one in their room.

Amazon Echo Show 8


In addition, the FreeTime children's content pack will come to this Echo Show 8 like the rest of the models, either 5 or 10.1. Thanks to this incorporation we will now have 3 variants of Amazon Echo: the 5-inch Echo Show, the newly presented 8-inch Echo Show today with HD resolution and the 10.1-inch one.

Its cost, as we say, will be 129 dollars. As soon as we have the availability information in Spain we will update the information.

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