The Best Photography Apps for Android and iOS

by Kelvin
aplicaciones fotografía

Today thanks to the photography applications We can use our mobile phones as authentic professionals. Here are 10 of the best apps for photographers.

The 6 definitive photography apps

These are the photography apps best valued at the moment; valid for Android and iOS:


1. TouchRetouch

Within the applications for photographers, this one has a very specific niche. It allows you to eliminate unwanted elements in your images. Whether people, objects or signs.

In addition, all corrections are made with a single touch, so the touch-up is extraordinarily fast. Download it here

2. Snapseed

We present you a fantastic free photo editor. It gives you the usual tools for trimming and rotating. It also has functions to modify depth of field, perspective, curves and brightness.

Expand is one of Snapseed's most interesting tools. You can calculate how the area around the subject looks in the image; Using this data you can enlarge the canvas. Download it here

3. Afterlight 2

Unlike other photo editing applications, it offers you content updated every month. There are no new subscription fees beyond the single payment.

It has regular and everyday options, such as clipping, brightness and exposure. Also more detailed tools such as Curves, Selective Hue / Saturation, Clarify and Hue.

Likewise, filters can be created, used and continue editing to help with batch processing, making the workflow option perfect and fast. Download it here

4. VSCO Cam

While Instagram It is good for basic photo editing, VSCO is the most advanced version to retouch any mobile photography.

Not only do you have many editing options, including exposure, contrast and temperature correction, but you'll also have access to an alignment tool. This is perfect to avoid those perspective problems that create distortion.

On the other hand, VSCO also has a community available, so you will be part of something much bigger. Download it here

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe is innovative in its software Photo editing In this sense, the editions for mobile phones and smartphones are equally as powerful to edit your images.

Photoshop Express offers all the basic editing tools you expect. Rotate and trim as standard. On the other hand, it has a wide variety of filters, borders and artistic effects. All these can be adjusted using simple sliders.

The application is available for both iPhone and Android, and you can find it in the app store iTunes and in the store Google Play.

6. Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC is an excellent mobile application for editing. Not only is it free, but also connect your Lightroom to your computer desktop.

Similarly, you can touch up everything you can think of in the desktop version, change the exposure, white balance, etc. Also, detailed settings are easy to find and change. Download it here

In short, some of the best photography applications that exist today in the market. Do you know any other? Tell us in comments!

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