The best PSU manufacturers on the market

by Kelvin
The best PSU manufacturers on the market

In fact, ranking PSU manufacturers from best to worst is difficult, if not impossible. And the fact is that the same manufacturer has different qualities and assortments, and each of them can be produced by different OEMs. Therefore, we are going to categorize manufacturers and font families, or tiers to find out which ones are the most and least recommended.

Top Power Supply Manufacturers

S level: the best PSUs on the market

be quiet dark power pro 12


Power supplies of this tier are among the best on the market due to their reliability, 80 Plus efficiency, power range, component quality, unique features and price. You will be hard pressed to find better power supplies than the ones you find here.

However, you have to keep in mind that due to their price tag, these fonts are usually aimed at enthusiasts on a fairly large budget who would not settle for anything less than the best of the best. For the average gamer, these fonts are just unnecessary and overkill and won’t pay off your purchase, but for the enthusiast with two RTX 3090s and the latest Core i9 that has no budget issues, they are ideal candidates.

  • stay calm! Dark Force Pro 12
  • Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200 MiJ
  • Seasonal series PRIME
  • Antec HCP Platinum
  • Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus
  • Corsair AXi Series

Level 1: the best fonts for all users

The best PSU manufacturers on the market 2

Tier 1 PSUs are the most recommended option for all those who can afford it because, while they are superior quality power supplies, they are slightly more affordable than Tier S PSUs and do not give up almost any of their features (they just tend to have lower grades, lower 80 Plus certifications, etc.).

  • stay calm! Direct Force 11
  • Enermax Platimax
  • Bitfenix Whisper
  • Corsair AX / HX / HXi / RMi / RMx / SF Series
  • Cooler Master V Series
  • FSP Aurum PT Series
  • Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker Series
  • Seasonic Focus Gold / Focus Plus Gold Series
  • Seasonic Focus Plus Platinum
  • Seasonal Episode SnowSilent
  • Seasonal episode X
  • LEPA G1600
  • Silverstone Nightjar NJ600
  • FSP Hydro PTM Series
  • Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB Series
  • EVGA G2 / P2 / T2 Series
  • EVGA G1 1000
  • Super Flower Leadex

Level 2: good quality at a reasonable price

Fuente Cooler Master V1200 80 Plus Platinum

Power supplies in this category are already starting to distance themselves from what we might consider to be the best “at something”, but they are a viable option for users on a budget as they still offer good quality, versatility, protection and efficiency. the price is significantly lower than in the previous categories.

  • Cooler Master V semi-modular series
  • EVGA GS / G1 + / GQ / G3 Series
  • Enermax Digifanless
  • Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G / Grand Series / Grand RGB Series
  • FSP Hydro G Series
  • Seasonic M12II / S12G / G-series
  • stay calm! Pure Strength 11
  • Corsair cx series
  • Fractal design Newton R3 / Edison M / Tesla R2 Series
  • Antec EDGE / TruePower Classic Series
  • Roseville Fortress / Keystone / Quark Series.

Level 3: best cheap power supplies

FSP Aurum Pro

We are now entering the territory into which most gamers and “normal” PC users move in most cases. These are functional sources that don’t offer much, but are cheap enough to be able to limit your budget while offering a minimum of quality and protection. Obviously, we cannot ask them about the effectiveness or functionality of the previous levels, but as far as possible, they are still the recommended sources.

As for us, we would never recommend PSUs below this category.

  • Cougar GX-S Series
  • FSP Aurum CM / Pro Series
  • Platinum King Super Flower
  • Zalman EBT
  • Enermax Revolution SFX
  • Fractal Design Integra M / Tesla R2 Series
  • Rosewill Photon / Lightning / Silent Night / Tachyon Series
  • EVGA BQ / B3 Series
  • Lian Li SFX-L Series
  • Silverstone SFX / Gold Evolution / Strider Titanium / Strider Gold S Series
  • LEPA G series
  • Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB / Smart / EVO Blue Series.

Tiers 4, 5 and 6: Sources that are “just enough” for a low budget.

Starting with Tier 4, we are already talking about PSUs of questionable quality, despite the fact that, unfortunately, this is the most extensive catalog of most manufacturers. These are sources that work, but lose in terms of quality, reliability, functionality and, of course, efficiency.

Tier 5 sources go downhill and without brakes and are made up of the cheapest options from manufacturers. They are of course not recommended at all.

Finally, Tier 6 are the worst PSUs on the market and users should avoid them at all costs. They use low-quality components, they have very low efficiency, which leads to an increase in electricity bills, as well as rather low reliability, some even do without basic things like protection.

Tier 4Tier 5Tier 6
Enermax Revolution X’t IIEnermax NaXnFSP Raider Series
Fractal design Tesla R2Silverstone SFXOCZ Fatal1ty
Silverstone Strider PlusAntec Basiq Series BPSilverstone Essential Series
Puma lxRoseville GlacierEVGA W1
Cooler Master MasterWatt LiteEVGA B1Corsair VS Series
Cooler Master GM SeriesXFX XTCooler Master B2 Series
Thermaltake Toughpower Gold SeriesRosewill Beehive
Thermaltake ParisRosewill ARC M
Antec Neo Eco SeriesIntegra R2 fractal design
Antec EarthWatts Green SeriesNZXT HALE 82 V2
Antec High Current Gamer SeriesThermaltake Toughpower Standard Series
Inwin Classic SeriesThermaltake Litepower Series
Seasonic M12IIAntec VP Series
Seasonal IVFBitfenix BPA
Seasonic S12IIFSP Hexa
Corsair Gaming SeriesCooler Master Elite Series
stay calm! Power zoneThermaltake TR2 Series
stay calm! Direct Force 11EVGA N1