The best singing apps

by Kelvin

The best singing apps 3

Whether at a party, in a time of boredom or to entertain an entire family, singing has become a highly recommended and fun activity. For this reason, if you want to have an application on your cell phone to help you with this activity, download one of these three.

Rape with AutoRap

The best rap singing app is AutoRap


We begin the list with an extremely funny application with which I assure you that you will get some laughs. AutoRap is one of the most recognized singing applications by its simple operation with hundreds of results.

AutoRap by Smule

To use it, simply open it, choose an audio track and say some words that will be recorded. If these have rhyme and you put a suitable voice whole, the result will be much better. The application will be in charge of joining your voice with the background track.

Karaoke Tube, one of the best singing apps

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But if what you want to do is a good karaoke, this application is the one you were looking for. In her you will find more than 4500 songs in several languages, so surely the one you were looking for is here.

KARATUBE - best karaoke from Youtube

The operation and the interface make it the top 1 of the singing applications. The application is a window to YouTube. In it you will see the best karaoke videos of this platform, so you need to be connected to the internet.

Red Karaoke and its variety of songs

Red Karaoke and its variety of songs

We will finalize the list with another karaoke. The difference of this with the previous one of the list, is that it has a wide variety of songs in Spanish. In this way, your Latin singers are very present in the catalog.

Red Karaoke Sing and Record

Total, there are more than 100 thousand tracks waiting for you, which makes it by far one of the best and most varied singing applications of all app stores.

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