The best smart water bottles you can buy

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The best smart water bottles you can buy

Staying properly hydrated is a goal we all try to achieve, but we rarely achieve. It has been shown that drinking eight glasses of water a day eliminates toxins, prevents headaches, increases energy levels and improves cardiovascular health, as well as keeping skin clean, lubricating joints, stimulating muscles and facilitating weight loss. Almost nothing! Available in almost all sizes and shapes, smart bottles are specifically designed to improve our hydration habits, all with the help of the latest technology. The following are, in our opinion, the best smart water bottles you can get today.

The DrinKup water bottle uses a high-tech smart cap to track your daily water consumption. Record the time and quantity of ounces you drink in a complementary application very easy to use, while its lid has a screen that shows your current statistics. In addition to keeping track of when and how much you are drinking, the bottle shows you your constant hydration status as a percentage, which can be seen both on the lid and in the application. This percentage shows your current hydration level based on your daily goal, which is calculated taking into account your height and weight. When the number drops below 80 percent, the lid vibrates, and a latent heart icon alerts you to drink. DrinKup also sends an alert to your phone.

In addition to monitoring the amount of water needed, it also informs you of its quality: simply, turn the bottle upside down, wait for it to vibrate and turn it over again. The lid will show you the current water temperature, and will tell you if it is past (expired). This $ 69 dollar stainless steel bottle is elegant and durable, works with easy-to-use features and has the ability to synchronize with other applications such as Apple Health and Fitbit.


best smart water bottles

The Hydrate Spark 2.0 works in a very simple way: it shines every time you drink water. The system calculates your hydration needs in a complementary application and based on your height and physiology. Then, it will light up at different times of the day to remind you that it is time to paste a drink. A Bluetooth-enabled microprocessor sensor under the cover tracks how much you consume, while the complementary application gives you its statistics. The device is powered by two button-type batteries, so you won't have to charge it daily.


The 24-ounce bottle – which comes in six color options – syncs with a lot of applications and fitness trackers like Fitbit Versa, Apple Watch, Apple Health, Google Fit, Under Armor Record and Nokia Health Mate. It is made of Tritan plastic (without BPA) and is totally suitable for dishwashing, although the removable sensor must obviously be removed. In general, it is a good mid-range option, priced at $ 55 dollars.


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Made with many smart features, this high-tech gadget is a water bottle, a power source, a flashlight and a mini horn with Bluetooth, all in one. The part corresponding to the water bottle contains 20 ounces of liquid, which are synchronized with your phone to offer relaxing sounds such as ocean waves or summer rain when you sleep. On the cover is a 5-watt rechargeable Bluetooth speaker that also synchronizes with your phone to play music while you exercise or move around the city. If you don't have a smartphone, the speaker can also be connected through a normal headphone jack, or even work only as an FM radio, even allowing you to take hands-free calls.

If you go camping, it will provide you with a built-in flashlight that provides a soft glow around the campfire. Switch to flashing red mode and you will have an emergency light for survival situations. Best of all, you can use the bottom as a power source to recharge your phone. The disadvantage of this $ 60 dollar device is that it has no hydration alerts, and its interior will not keep liquids as cold as some stainless steel options.


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Made by the same company as the Bellabeat Leaf fitness tracker, this bottle has a unique set of body measurements that it analyzes to determine the recommended daily water consumption. In addition to the basic information such as your age, height and weight, also consider your activity level, the local climate and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Although it has been designed with women in mind, this 16-ounce water bottle is also perfect for men.

To use it, simply drink as you normally would during the day, and shake from left to right when you finish to synchronize it with your complementary application. Then, it will send you reminders to the phone when it's time to hydrate, and keep a data backup, so you don't lose your metrics if something happens to your phone. For $ 89 dollars, it is one of the most expensive options, although it has an elegant aesthetic and a fairly fast synchronization time, which makes it worth the extra money, if drinking more water is a priority for you.


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Instead of motivating you with hydration alerts or attached gadgets, this smart water bottle makes you drink drinking water fooling your senses. Aimed at people who do not like the taste of regular or drinking water, you can choose the plastic – free of BPA – with different scented flavors of your choice, such as berries, orange, apple, peach, cola and grape.

The idea is that you feel tastier, which will give you the feeling of drinking a juice or soda without sugar or harmful chemicals. Based on the premise that approximately 80 percent of the taste comes from our nose, let your nose detect the aroma and make your tongue believe that you are drinking something tastier than Touchez water. You can buy a bottle of your favorite flavor or buy a variety of combined packages. The aroma of each bottle lasts several months, provided you store it upside down, as recommended by the instructions.


* Updated by Daniel Matus on May 12, 2019.

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