The best software to improve PC performance in Windows when playing games

by Kelvin
Лучшие программы для повышения производительности ПК

It’s obvious that Redmond The software is more than prepared from the start to support the very latest games. But, of course, all this will require accompanying equipment. Be aware that after installing a copy Windows from scratch this system comes with a default configuration to perform as best as possible in most situations.

The best software to improve PC performance

Whether it’s a professional job, surfing Web , games or letter texts , Windows 10 can be adapted to most situations. Although in principle it is optimized for all of them, at the same time the user can make some small changes that optimize it in one direction or another. In doing so, we want to tell you that if we are going to use our PC with Windows for the game, we should be able to do it without performance issues. But of course we can always try to improve this, especially in the most demanding games.


This is something that we can execute both from the operating system itself and through external programs, as we will see below.

Some basic settings Windows to improve games

Before we dive deeper into this matter, we will tell you that with the help of a number of basic settings in the most Windows we can increase game performance … Thus, we achieve additional FPS when launching our favorite games and we get more fun from the game. First, let us tell you that in this sense it is always important to update both the operating system and its graphics drivers.

Alto rendimiento plan

On the other hand, if we access the power plans Windowsit is also recommended that you activate the best performance plan. Likewise, the operating system itself, by default, has a series of animations and effects that it adds to its interface , well, this is something that we can also turn off during the game. For those of you who don’t know, Redmond software has a feature called Game Mode … This is automatically activated when you play games in full screen mode. So it actually optimizes and speeds up Windows on its own to maximize performance.

This is what we find in the Settings app. It is accessed by the Win + I key combination, and then go to the Games section. From the left pane of the new window, we will already have direct access to this game mode, which we are talking about in Windows…

Optimization programs Windows during games

As we can see, there are several steps that we have the ability to take in the Redmond operating system to improve performance. games … But, of course, how could it be otherwise, while we have the opportunity to use external solutions for all this. Thus, below we are going to show you a series of programs that you can install on your computer to get the most out of the games we run here.

Razer Cortex, Game-Oriented Optimization

Here we find a popular application specially designed for gamers v Windows… As we mentioned, especially in the most recent games, as a rule, we need to make the most of the team’s productivity. This does not help to increase the number of frames per second and reduce the load times of games as such, which will be very useful.

Say it is a program that we can download from this link.

Razer Cortex

To say that this is a program that is divided into two well-differentiated sections. On the one hand, we find a general system improvement tool that affects all installed software. On the other hand, we find another section dedicated to games. Thus, it presents us with a number of interesting functions that are responsible for optimizing various PC components increase game performance

GameGain, squeeze your games in real time

Continuing the topic of our concern in the same lines, we will also talk about one of the most complete products in this sense. This is GameGain, a computer game optimization program that has been around for a long time. Its goal is to instantly increase the performance of our computer and squeeze the maximum of PC resources to improve the performance of games. The latest generation games especially require high hardware requirements.


That’s why with a few clicks, we notice an increase in FPS, smoother gameplay, less lag. The program for this makes several changes to the registry itself. Windowsto improve the performance of your equipment. This allows us to play the very latest games without spending money on more advanced components. Say what these changes relate to Operating memory of use or how foreground applications prioritize Cpu Application. For all this, we only need to download the program from this link.

Wise Game Booster, frees up resources when playing on Windows

On the other hand, we find Game booster , a program that is also designed to improve the gameplay in Windows… This allows us to improve PC performance by optimizing the system configuration in real time. To do this, the application terminates unnecessary programs in the background in addition to stopping irrelevant services. This way, you will force your team’s resources to focus only on the game we are currently launching.

Wise Game Booster

It is a program that we can download from this link and it also allows us to add game titles so that they are always at hand. This allows us to more effectively manage them and verify their information. Thanks to software. we managed to improve the stability and speed of the entire assembly.

JetBoost, speed up your system to play better

We are also going to talk about this other solution that can be very helpful in these tasks that we offer for your leisure time. In fact, here we find the software that is responsible for freeing up system resources. To do this, it eliminates the processes and services that run in background and this is not necessary when launching our games.

JetBoost jugar windows

Thus, when we launch the game on PC with Windows, the program manages to tune the computer so that it always runs at maximum performance. The running processes and services are analyzed one by one and grouped into categories. This gives us directly several configurations to choose from to speed up what interests us in this case. We can check everything we tell you from this link.

GameBoost, optimizes PC performance when playing online on Windows

As expected in software with such characteristics, when we talk about GameBoost we find game optimization software. However, the main feature is that this particular software is responsible for optimizing the operation of these, but when we play online. This is largely due to the fact that GameBoost takes care of improving your internet connection in several ways.

This achieves an instant increase in the performance of the computer and internet connection when we play this way. Since many modern PC games require high hardware requirements, it is important to optimize your computer’s performance even when playing online. It is on this occasion that we speak in the same lines.


The program modifies the registry to improve this performance. In addition, the speed of reading and writing to disk or displaying graphics on the screen is optimized, while increasing Internet connection speed and latency. It is important to know that GameBoost does not make changes or patches games … This ensures that no cheat detection software considers this software to be a cheat. We can test this program from this link.

GeForce Experience, stay on top of and optimize your NVIDIA hardware

We also want to talk to you in the same lines about GeForce Experience , the application that is responsible for the optimization NVIDIA Hardware. This is one of the main manufacturers of graphics solutions, the models of which many of you have. So this is a program that automatically notifies us of new NVIDIA drivers and downloads them. They are responsible for improving the performance of games and adding new features to all this.

GeForce Experience jugar windows

At the same time, GeForce Experience optimizes graphics settings for games based on hardware configuration. Thanks to this, as you can easily imagine, we have achieved an increase in performance when running our favorite games. Let’s say a company runs a lot of tests on games with different combinations of hardware and resolutions and stores this information. GeForce Experience then accesses all of this and loads settings optimized and tailored specifically for your PC … You can download this software we are talking about from here.

Latency optimizer, reduce latency and optimize your games

We can also try another interesting alternative of this type called the latency optimizer. In particular, it is software that primarily helps us reduce high latency when we play on Windows … At the same time, it includes several cool features that help improve FPS when we like this type of software, it makes the games we launch faster.

Jugar latency optimizer windows

Likewise, if we play online, Latency Optimizer is also responsible for speeding up your internet connection to improve this experience. This is the software that, if we are interested in the game, we have the option to download from here.