The Best Video Player for Android in 2019

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Smart mobile phones arose from the need to have devices capable of playing any type of multimedia beyond text messages and calls.

Currently with any decent mobile it is possible to watch TV and even full movies, but for this it is necessary to have a video player for Android They support various formats.


Let's see below the 11 best 2019 video players for Android, even full HD or 4k players for Android

If you like to watch videos on your mobile or tablet, surely you are interested in the article about downloading YouTube videos from Iphone or watching movies on iPhone or iPad.

We will review the 11 best players, although I have to say that my favorite is VLC.

What is the best Android video player in 2019?

MX Player

The undisputed king of video players for Android.

The developers of this application knew how to take advantage of the need for users to have an app that can play any type of video, especially play AVI on a mobile and thus MX Player was born.

It is one of the best Android video players, because it has one of the best interfaces on the market, giving you wide accessibility to all its configuration options.

The Best Video Player for Android in 2019 1

At the same time, it allows you to enjoy all your multimedia files with The best audio and image quality.

the best android video player

Is a Android HD player which gained fame for its response and playback speed, since it processes the videos by hardware, in addition to having the ability to Use multiple processor cores.

The innovation that differentiates this application from the others that are in the market is the Parental control that does not let children out of the application, this way you avoid making calls, deleting messages or uninstalling applications.

In addition, it has a new system of multi-core decoding that gives you greater speed.

Performance is improved up to 70% compared to single core devices. Of course, this has a direct impact on the quality of the video.

MX Player has an editor integrated, which allows you to modify both subtitles and audio tracks, as well as being expandable through plugins that you can download from the Internet.

Before downloading it, you should know that this application has two versions, one of payment without advertising and another for free, but with a lot of advertising: the paid version costs about 5 euros.

With more than 100 million installations it has become one of the most used Android HD players.

Download it from here.


It is an Android video player with excellent quality. You can see all your videos through it, With the best image definition and incredible audio quality.

This is an app to play videos that for a long time was and is one of the best media players for Android video and audio.

This occurs for several reasons, mainly because supports multiple video formats, including AVI and this was a recurring problem many users first in Windows and now on Android and for the incredible amount of options you have in your PC version.

best android video player tablet

VLC has among its advantages that supports subtitles and also has the ability to perform advanced audio functions that will be added over time, also plays HD videos on Android in case you like to download movies HDRIP.

In turn, it has excellent playback tools so you can enjoy your visualizations to the fullest.

Among its main tools are: The option of Equalizer, allows you to add filters and has functions to improve audio quality

Why use this video player? Because it has a open source, does not contain advertising or purchases, includes all codecs and you can continue watching your videos while doing other activities on your mobile through its floating window.

The good thing about all this is that they have released Android version and although they are polishing it, it works quite well.

Download VLC from here.


Kodi It is one of the best video players for Android tablet that currently exist, although it is really intended as tablet player, yes it has interesting functions like the extension to see Movistar + Free.

best android tv video player

This app allows you to play movies of all kinds and also podcast or music. It is definitely a very interesting multimedia player for Android.

Download this app from here.


Wiseplay is one of the applications to watch videos on Android that meets the expectations of many users although there are other better alternatives, but it has several functions, such as parental controls that make it interesting for many people.

The only bad thing about this application is that it has advertising, but it is not at all annoying, although this is something you should try for yourself.

You can download this app directly from this link.

Video Player for Android

Among the options of this application is the possibility of rate the videos that we have stored in our phone to create collections too, which is quite useful to have all our Android videos sorted.

video player for android tablet

When you start, the same app is responsible for searching the files of your phone to check the video files and order them, so you just have to enter the app and go punctuating and ordering as you see fit.

Of course you can also play the videos on your Android ????

Download it from here.


A classic PC multimedia player that also has a version for mobile or cellular systems in this case Android. Surely you know it since it is widely used on pc.

Bs Player has something interesting and it has a hardware playback mode sol the videos are going to look more fluid, there are no cuts as with other Android media players.

best android video player

The only disadvantage is that this player It is in English and the free version has advertising, although for 5 euros you can get the paid version which eliminates advertising.

Download the free version from here.


KMPlayer is a fairly complete HD video player for Android, with several functions that make it an interesting option.

Dispose of a very pretty interface, both in the same player and in its menu.

which is the best video player for android

On the other hand, the main attraction for which you might be interested in this application, is the possibility of playing videos from your home, with KMP Connect or from Google Drive since it integrates perfectly with this google application, with which you have the possibility of save your favorite videos in the cloud and play them from wherever you want.

Download it here.

Mobo Video Player

One of the best options for movie playback and a good replacement for the default Android player.

Among the notable options is the possibility of play movies with integrated subtitles and choose the one we want, in the same way we can do it with the audio tracks, as happens in the MKV files.

best video player for android

Download MOBO VIDEO Player from here.

GOM Player

This Android video player is one of the most complete.

It gives the user a lot of options so he can Set up media playback as you like.

At the same time, it allows the display of any type of uncoded multimedia file, offers the user the opportunity to create a list of favorite videos, lets the user take screenshots without stopping playback, has a timer function and connects to other platforms such as Google Drive or OneDrive.

Speaking of the interface, the user has the possibility to slide the menus. You will have access to all the tools with just one touch. Further, the screen options are intuitive, which facilitates the use of the app.

The best thing is that you can download GOM Player Direct to your mobile without paying anything. Enjoy the best video and audio quality now!

Video Player All Formats

Believe it or not! This is the name of the application in the Play Store, but it is also known as XPlayer.

For all the functionalities, optimizations and options offered to the user is the best video player on Android.

It offers great image and audio quality.

It has a full compatibility with any video and file format, including 4K and HD videos.

You can play the file you want, with this app you will never experience any problem.

It also has a hardware acceleration system, support for downloading subtitles, an automatic identification of the files on the mobile allows you to manage videos and much more.

With the interface the user will be more than satisfied, since it allows a wide management of all the video options. It allows you adjust volume, brightness and video progress With easy to control buttons.

In terms of security it is one of the applications that have innovated the most, since it allows you save your files in a private folder so that nobody can see or eliminate them.

As if that were not enough, it also allows playback of videos on tablets, so you can enjoy your multimedia files on any device.

Download now the best video player on Android! You'll love it.

Full HD Video Player

Other video player for Android pretty good.

It was developed by the same company that worked in the previous one, which guarantees the quality of the application.

Its functionality is very high. since it is compatible with all video formats and with qualities such as HD, full HD, 1080p and 4K. You can view all the content you want, without worrying about the formats.

In addition, it has a window player, equalizer for musicIt has codecs already included, it has a repeat mode, it has a sleep timer and more.

android video player

It is one of the most complete applications on the market.

Thanks to the large number of features it has and the high speed with which it processes multimedia files. It offers users a unique experience.

You can watch all your videos with excellent image and audio quality anywhere. You'll love it!

What is the best Android video player for you in 2019?

Leave a comment with your choice!

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