The blindness of the teenager who only ate potatoes should make us reflect

by Kelvin

A diet based on french fries has caused a young Briton to develop a disease typical of war zones and in Spain 35% of children are overweight

The case is extreme: a 17-year-old boy It has been fed with chips, Pringles and sporadic intake of ham or sausages from school. Now, doctors have detected a type of blindness more typical of war zones than in developed Pacific countries like the United Kingdom. Very rare, but they have concluded that the disease is due to their bad diet and that makes us think, because we do not develop healthy eating habits, precisely.


This young man, who did not want to give his name, visited his GP at age 14 because he felt depressed and was diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency, but he ignored the recommendations, according to the BBC, and it's getting worse. At 15 he had noticed hearing loss and now he has lost almost all of his vision. Your case appears in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a publication of the American College of Physicians, and is studied because the nutritional optic neuropathy He was diagnosed with hunger, the lack of some vitamins or minerals from the diets of those who have not had access to a balanced diet for a long time.

They know how many skinny people I know who live with alcohol, puchos and fast food and NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING? Ahhh but be careful, don't be fat and ask to stop being associated with bad habits, excesses and lack of control because these are the OBSIED. Suck me the ortho.

– Pizzita (@floralisah) August 30, 2019

The disease can be treated if there is an early diagnosis, but once the nerves have eroded, it is irreversible. He did not seem to have an apparent problem because he was neither overweight nor underweight, but suffered from severe malnutrition.

During the consultations, the boy had explained that he has "a rejection of certain food textures that I could not tolerate, so French fries were really the only type of food he wanted and felt he could eat, "his doctor told the British chain," he had lost minerals from his bones, which is really shocking for a person in his age. "In conclusion: he can no longer drive, watch television or read, although he can walk on his own.

War wounds

Loss of vision due to poor diet is not new, as explained by Iverse. Nutritional optic neuropathy is common in war zones during famine seasons, when the optic nerve degrades due to lack of vitamins. This is not usually the problem in rich countries, where people, even if they lack some elements, eat energy-rich diets. In this case, the problem stems from other diseases that block the absorption of vitamins.

The Government will label unhealthy food as a measure against obesity

– New Code (@CodigoNuevo) November 12, 2018

Although it is rare, this case reminds us that 35% of children and adolescents Spaniards are obese or overweight, according to the latest study by the Gasol Foundation, promoted by NBA star Pau Gasol, who wants to implement a program to improve the diet of children. Spain is already the second most overweight country in Europe, after the United Kingdom. The same report ensures that two out of three children do not do an hour a day of physical exercise, as experts recommend. An extreme case like that of the young Englishman reminds us of how important it is to worry about what we eat every day, because even if we don't see it, junk food hurts us little by little.

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