The bots arrive at Fortnite along with changes in matchmaking

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The bots arrive at Fortnite along with changes in matchmaking

The battle royale genre was born a few years ago, becoming a success almost immediately. Video games of this type offer multiplayer experiences where we will have to fight against all the other players to be the winners while we try to equip ourselves as well as possible. Among all the battle royale that exist, without a doubt the one that stands out today is Fortnite.

This game, created by Epic Games, offers us a hilarious experience and elements that do not have other titles of the same genre. Among them, construction stands out, a determining factor in confrontations, and that usually causes the less experienced to suffer greatly in order to obtain better results. That is why thanks to its new update 10.40 changes will be introduced in the matchmaking to help these new players.

The bots arrive at Fortnite

According to a statement on the official website of Epic Games, the matchmaking of Fortnite It has remained almost the same since the start of the title, and during all this time the level of the players has increased considerably. Therefore, what is sought with this change is that in matches there are matches of players with a much more similar level, thus achieving that the players are more motivated to play and improve.

Another important novelty is the inclusion of bots from next season. These bots will have a very human behavior and will aim to help players improve. As players gain experience, fewer bots will be found in games, although in the competitive queue they will never appear.

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Fortnite It keeps growing and improving, adding a lot of content. Proof of this is their current event, in which Batman and Gotham City make an appearance. Here is the trailer for this fantastic event, available until October 6.

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